Washing my vest?

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jennifer@185 wrote
on Jun 4, 2008 7:58 AM

Last fall, I finished my first garment for myself (the back-to-school u-neck vest from Fitted Knits: http://yarncrawl.typepad.com/fittedknitsalong/backtoschool_uneck_vest/index.html). I used jo sharp silk road aran. It has a great
 ribbed (2k 2p) base with a waffle pattern with darts top. I loved it! It was great to make.

But now... I've worn it a couple of time and the rib isn't so stretchy any more and I'm tempted to wash it. 

My anxieties are as follows:

Will my ribs pull back together again? or will washing it just stretch it out more? Can I throw it in the dryer?

Your thoughts and expertise are most welcome!


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JulesG wrote
on Jun 5, 2008 10:48 AM

 You can wash it, but I would recommend a really mild detergent (or baby shampoo), washing by hand (with luke warm water - or cold water) and drying it lying flat.

Washing machine and dryer could shrink the wool, or even felt it.

Here's a good "how to": http://tipnut.com/how-to-wash-dry-woollen-garments/

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