Tatiana's Sweater - Interweave Knits Speing 2011 Issue

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KathieD@6 wrote
on Mar 23, 2011 5:46 PM

I am trying to knit the Tatiana's Sweater pattern from the spring issue and it is not coming out correctly. Has anyone else had a problem with this pattern. I have contacted Interweave Knits and they say there is nothing wrong with the pattern. When I knit the cables it does not look like the picture. I ripped out the first try and restarted making

sure my stitch count was correct on every round and something is not right. Any suggestions?

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AndreaW wrote
on Apr 4, 2011 6:27 PM

Hi Kathie...

Not sure how much help I can be w/ a bad case of the flu....but I'll try. It's a beautiful sweater...isn't it?

I wish I had Photoshop so I could "write" on your pic...but I don't. Will try to explain in words what I'm seeing wrong.

The center of your pic has a cable that crosses twice w/ 7 even rows between the crosses. On either side of those cable sts are 3 sts that are maintained in garter st...right?  Still moving out + away fr the center cable...next are 3 sts that are supposed to be st st...all knit on RS. According to the graph they are stacked one on top of each other creating a smooth edge to the column of 3 knit sts. In your pic ....your 3 knit sts (st st) are "stairstepped" giving a jagged edge rather than the smooth edge. The pics of the finished sweater in the mag also show the smooth columns winding their way up the sweater....no stairsteps. Without being able to touch your knitting...this is a bit of a guess. However in your pic ...the cable seems to be pulling into itself quite a lot. Could you be making a mistake when cabling?  Pulling in too many sts?

From what I can see in the pic...you've maintained a smooth column for about 12 rows after the rib. Then it starts to "stairstep". Try putting a marker on either side of those 3 sts (everywhere they occur across sweater). Then when you arrive @ the marker you can see where you need to work the 3 knit sts. If they aren't lining up w/ previous rows...check backwards + frontwards. Hopefully you can find where things go wonky!!!

I will be glad to help more if you want...but you may have to be patient as I'm SICK!!!

A suggestion...my fav solution to many knitting issues....

There are 30 sts in the "red zone" of the graph. Use sts 1-29. Get some cotton yarn for dish/ spa cloths. Cast on 35 sts (3 + 29 + 3) to allow for a 3 st garter st border on both sides. Work 4-6 rows of garter st to begin.

Now still keeping the first + last 3 sts in GS (always knit)  work rows 1-29 of the "red zone" of the graph. You will skip the side cabling that crosses the red lines. When you reach the lenght you want the cloth....work another 4-6 rows GS + bind off. Hopefully you will have both a finished cloth + a solution to the sweater problem!!!

Using cotton yarn will allow you to rip as much as you need w/o messing up your sweater yarn...cotton is very forgiving + cheap. The sts tend to be distinct as well which helps spot errors.

Let me know how you make out please. Hope something here made sense?

      Take Care....... Andrea

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steffen205 wrote
on Apr 27, 2011 10:21 AM

I also fell in love with and started the sweater.  My gauge swatch came out to the right size,  but after I got about 6" up,  I realized that the ribbing will never fit my body,  even tho the size 40 should give me plenty of ease.    How is yours coming size wise?    Thank  you!  Shelley

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