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on Mar 30, 2011 1:29 AM

Hi everyoneSmile, I am new here.  Does anyone have an easy foolproof way of resizing patterns?

I knit baby stuff but have loads of patterns that only go up to 3 months and I would like to make the bigger sizes but don't know how to resize the patterns.


Any help would be much appreciated as I can no longer buy these patterns, general resizing tips would be most helpful too.


Thanks Melek12022009

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DianeP@37 wrote
on Mar 30, 2011 2:41 AM

Hi Melek,

One very easy way to do it is to go up.a needle size or two. You can figure out how much bigger it will be by doing a small gauge swatch. You can also size up in yarn weight and needle size which will give you an even larger garment. Remember to lengthen the body and sleeves also by a few inches. You don't need to worry to much about too big. They grow really fast!


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Merlich wrote
on Mar 30, 2011 7:37 PM

Hi Melek,

If you want to resize you just have to have the numbers of the new proyect. Wide, tall, etc.

1. You have to have your gauge already measured, the number of stitches and rows to have a perfect 4" square.

I always knit two gauges, one for the rib and the other for the stitch I am about to use. To have the perfect number of stitches for the rib I stretch my gauge as long as if it was a natural worn and measure it.

2. Check the pattern you are using as a guide. There is the number of stitches and rows they got in their gauge for that specific pattern. 25 st. x 44 rows is a 4" x 4" square ( e.g.).

Then, when they ask you to cast on 82 sts., see the pattern measurements, they say 32 cm. Take out your calculator and do:

25 sts. - 10 cm. (4")

82 sts.   -  ? cm.

82 x 10 / 25 = 32.8 cm.

We can see although the measure has to be 32 cm. our maths says 32.8 cm (????) Then YOU just have to take into consideration the number we got in the instructions 32.8 cm .

Your gauge is (e.g.) 24 sts. x 43 rows. No matter if it is just one number of difference. "Do your maths".

24 sts.  -  10 cm. (4")

 ? sts.    -  32.8 cm.

32.8 x 24 / 10 = 78.72 sts.

Read over the instructions to know if it is important to have an even number of stitches or it can be an odd one.

If it is a must to be even then, round to 78 sts.

Then WRITE DOWN the instructions for your new numbers: (Really, please. Rewrite your pattern).


Cast on 78 sts. with your needles No. (the ones you used for your gauge).

You can notice in the pattern instructions say cast on 82 sts. but, because of your very own numbers, you have to cast on 78 sts.


Yes, this is the same method to change anything in your knitting: the size (measurements), the number of stitches and rows.


Now your new pattern says 36 cm. for the back.

78 sts. - 32.8 cm.

? sts.  -  36 cm.

36 x 78 / 32.8 = 85.61 sts.

Lets suppose that in our pattern says even number of sts. Then, again:


Cast on 86 sts. with needles No.( the ones you used for your gauge) ... an so on.

I hope this can help you. Practice over and over until you are sure on what you are doing. Be patient.

This is the method I've been using for more than 20 years and I am sure it will work for you too.

Patience, persistence and love are the main ingredients for wonderful knittings.

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