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NicoleL@8 wrote
on Jul 20, 2011 10:11 AM

I love today's primer on reading a lace chart but I would like to suggest another lace primer; how to create a lace chart. I recently purchased a pattern from the British mag Woman's Weekly. It's a gorgeous christening blanket, and even though I'm a relatively novice lace knitter, I am attempting to make it. So far so good. The problem is that the pattern does not include a chart. Also, it uses British knitting terms and abbreviations. Very hard to keep track of.

Sure I can figure it all out, but it really would be nice to chart it! I went ahead and created a chart for the border lace because I have to repeat that 40 times so it was worth the effort. But the center of the blanket is another matter altogether. Basically I'll be picking up a lot of stitches from the border and working all four sides toward the middle so every row only gets repeated 4 times, but a section of every row gets repeated anywhere from 33 times to less than that as the stitch count is reduced with every row.

A chart would be very nice, but I've tried to chart this and it doesn't nearly reflect the actual shape of the knitting. It's better than nothing but I'd like to know the right way to do this. I've tried the free chart making software available but they seem to be less than satisfactory. I can't even find lace charting software that's available for sale.

So, how about a lace charting primer on how to translate rows of instruction into a chart?



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