Stashing in my smart phone!

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JoSchwartz wrote
on Sep 3, 2011 6:25 AM

Just wanted to see if there are others who are using their "smart phone"  (I have a Droid X2) to assist with knitting!  I found a few helpful FREE apps - Now I always have another "counter" with me.  My phone app (short for application for newbies) lets me set the counter to how many row repeats there are!  I just reach over and tap my phone to increase - and if you leave, or take a call - it saves the row you were on!   (I think we have a new term for knitters!   K, P, T  (knit , purl, (and little pinky reaches over to phone) tap!)

There is also one to keep track of your needles.  I haven't gone back to enter all yet - but do make sure the NEW ones are .  Which reminds me - they do have the needle size converter.  Metric, UK, USA ??? no problem!

Another favorite is one that holds a pdf of your pattern.  I have loaded several of my favorites - complete with photos so that I can shop for yarns or buttons... whatever might be needed .  PLUS... I can always have the pattern at my fingertips!

The people who are designing these applications love to hear from users - as to what should be added!

I go to the Android Market   (.com) for my phone.

Another plug for these new gadgets - I can go to YouTube anytime to watch how a buttonhole is made, since I never seem to remember from one project to the next!  SO MANY USES!

Have fun!

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Shaggylinus wrote
on Mar 6, 2012 11:46 AM

I use the knit minder app on my ipod to keep track of all the needles I own. This saved me

from buying anymore repeat needles.

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