Tubular Cast On

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KarinB wrote
on Jul 7, 2008 7:21 AM

 Hi Folks,

 (I didn't see this in any of the How To spots - apologies if it duplicates)

I am working on the Printed Silk Cardi from IK Spring 2008. The sleeves use a tubular cast on and it's recommended to use the instructions in the glossary of the magazine.

I thought I knew how to do this (although I use it VERY infrequently) and I thought you had to 1/2 your stitches and add 1 for the provisional cast on. The glossary only has you cast on 1/2 the stitches. I am winding up with one stitch less than what I am supposed to have (69 stitches, instead of 70) and I think that's normal with tubular and that the usual method is to just increase the stitch once you begin the actual pattern knitting.

Can someone here confirm this for me - I ripped out my first attempt, when it was off by a stitch but the "redo" comes out the same and that's when I thought I remembered having read about the "orphan" stitch.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

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