Question re:Summer Shawlette by Sandi Wiseheart

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WendyLynne wrote
on Sep 26, 2011 12:32 PM

I was able to cast on with the provisional cast on for the Neckband,  but from there, (once I had the 7 stitches on my needle, I couldn't figure out how do do the rest.

Does anyone know or is there an easier method?

Following are the directions:

Neckband: With waste yarn and crochet hook, use the
crochet chain provisional CO method (see box) to CO 7
sts. Set-up row: K2, p1, k1, p1, k2. Work 40 rows as foll:
Sl 1 pwise wyf, [k1, p1] 2 times, k2. Next row: (WS) With
same side of work facing you, rotate piece so selvedge
at end of row just completed is uppermost. Bring yarn to
front. Skipping the first slipped selvedge st closest to the
needle, *wyf, insert right needle from back to front under
both legs of next slipped selvedge st, wrap yarn around
as if to purl, and draw up a purl st onto right needle
; rep
from * 19 more times—20 sts picked up and purled from
selvedge of piece; 27 sts total. With same side of work

still facing you, carefully unzip the provisional CO at base
of piece and place 7 live sts onto left needle, correcting
st mounts as necessary. Work across these 7 sts as k2, p1,
k1, p1, k2—34 sts.


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Cnexpat wrote
on Aug 4, 2014 9:29 PM

Wendy Lynne,

I am so glad you posted your plea for help! Sorry I'm not the one to help you because I'm in exactly the same boat you're in! Not a clue of how to progress. Apparently no one else has any more info, judging from the dirth of helpful hints posted to your (our) plea. Three years? 

I'll keep checking back to see if anyone else figures it out. 


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salmonmac wrote
on Aug 6, 2014 6:10 AM

Oh wow, that's a long time to wait for an answer. Sometimes these questions just get buried.

As I understand it, you've also done the provisional cast on and now you have 7 loops on your needle in your working yarn with a line of crochet chain hanging off them in scrap yarn? This video may help. It's a tab for a shawl. The details of the pattern may be different (thi tab is in garter stitch) but the idea is the same. In your case you'll be using the loops created by the provision cast on too.




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