Crocheter New to Knitting again and to this site.

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Datrebor wrote
on Nov 28, 2011 5:58 PM

Hi all. I am trying to teach myself to knit again. I have crocheted off and on for a few years, not too bad at it still learning and having fun. Mostly doilies. I have tried to knit before then stopped for awhile now picking it back up again. Other then that I enjoy playing on the computer, games at FaceBook and Texas hold-em poker. i ride a Honda motorcycle a Shadow Spirit, watching TV, reading my kindle and smoking cigars and a pipe.

 I am trying to knit a hat, well my third one. The first one was well my first one, the second one was a lot better. Need to learn how to tell by looking if I am on a knit or pearl stitch. The second one was K3P3 for about 3 inches then pearl the rest of the way. When I transfer from a loop to the DPN do I slip or knit them on? Also when I finish the top do I keep the 4 DPN's all the way to the end, or do I drop some of the needles. At what point do I close off? How many stitches left on each do I start the binding off?

I watch the show Knitty Gritty with Vicky Howl and she is a neat person with a lot of passion that i want to try my hand at those projects.

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