Men's Socks

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on Dec 6, 2011 8:21 AM

I have a lot of men socks knitting patterns from the 1950s (my mother was probably very busy knitting socks for my dad before my eldest brother came to be!) To my surprise all the socks with argyle patterns or stripes or any design with more than one colour are created on two needles! To finish the socks you sew them up the back! Why is this? One pattern book is British and the second is an old Beehive pattern book.



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RebeccaA wrote
on Jan 8, 2012 10:47 AM
Dear Madeleine: I've done argyle socks, and the pattern portion at least has always been on 2 needles due to the intarsia work. I've heard of people who know people who claim to have been able to do them in the round, but I have never met them, nor have I been shown how to do them. There was an article in a 1980s issue of THREADS magazine that showed a technique of working the diamond back and forth and picking up the stitches, but I really wasn't impressed with the result when I tried it. Good luck on finding a different way of working argyles (and if you do find one, please share it with us!).
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