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ShelleyC@11 wrote
on Jan 6, 2012 10:29 AM

Where would one find knitting patterns for handkerchiefs in their entirety?  I mean, not just the lace edging to a cotton/muslin square piece of fabric, but the entire piece as knitted.  I would assume that way back in the day if fabric wasn't readily available they had to have knitted some - no?  I realize they could've just plugged one nostril and blew out the other, but I can't see a 'proper' lady doing that on the church steps (LoL).

I thought there would be SOMETHING in the recent  'Jane Austin Knits 2011' publication, but alas, no, and I can't find anything on the usually reliable 'web'.  So what I'm doing is knitting a square in stocking stitch and then will edge it somehow when I'm done.  My lovely LYS has assisted me in choosing 'Fantastic Knitting's Zephyr Lace Wt. yarn' and 2.5 mm needles.

I am not looking to BLOW my nose with this, but you know how we just need to wipe it, especially when we are out and about, but all I can find is large cotton squares in the men's section of your average department store.  Kleenex is useless for this job - as well as environmentally destructive - so....off on my journey I go.

If anyone knows of actual patterns, I would greatly appreciate learning of them.

Thanks ever so much.


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