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kobkarnc wrote
on Jan 15, 2012 6:15 AM


I'm working on the first scraf with different patterns in different sections and some areas of both sides are curling. This is for my mom 77 Birthday Present so I want it to be as nice as possible. What can I do?

Many thanks inadvance,


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dstarbuck wrote
on Jan 16, 2012 12:38 AM

You might have to block the scarf after you complete it to prevent the curling.  Depending on the type of yarn you use will depend on how you block it.  I've not had very good luck with blocking acrylic yarns... I'm just learning about blocking.  Cotton or wool would probably be easy to spray or dampen and block.

Hope this helps!

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kobkarnc wrote
on Jan 16, 2012 1:55 AM

Thank you very much. Unfortunately, I use 100% acrylic yarn for this project. I will find out how to block and try it. If successful, will share the technique.

Many thanks,


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books59b wrote
on Apr 9, 2012 12:46 PM

If you didn't already get an answer ( I don't see that you have here) One of the things Elizabeth Zimmerman suggested is the bottom ( i.e. the first row as well as two stitches on each side be KNIT. it kinda forms a frame for the pattern. If you go to yarn shops that have swatches made, that's what they have done and you don't have curling.

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artsyshell wrote
on Apr 9, 2012 6:05 PM

Or another option even, would be to pick up a single crochet along the entire edge of the whole scarf.... especially if you don't want to remove too much of what you knitted already.  :)

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