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on Sep 1, 2008 10:58 AM

I have been weaving since 2002. I have happily found the Kingston Handloom spinners and weavers guild and this  has been a major source of support and inspiritation. I currently have 3 looms on the go- a 45" Leclerc jack and a 36" Leclerc counterbalance both 4 shaft.  The third being a 27"   Schact  jack loom with 8 shafts. They are all being used - I am currently weaving a tartan on the counterbalance, an overshot  blanket on the large jack loom, and a shawl on the small jack loom. I guess I like diversity. I enjoy weaving all kinds of items-  rugs, shawls, tartans, scarves, tea towels. Weaving has been an amazing adventure and I just want to learn and explore everything.

I also enjoy knitting and spinning. Currently knitting a beautiful cabled sweater out of silk yarn.




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