Knitting without a cable needle

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on Jan 30, 2012 4:50 PM

I'm currently making (my first pair of!!) toe-up socks, and the pattern calls for some small cables, and recommends to not bother with a cable needle. To be more specific, the instructions are as follows:


T1L - sl1 to cn, hold in front, p1, k1tbl from cn
T1R - sl1 to cn, hold in back, k1tbl, p1 from cn

Written Instructions
Row 1: p1, k2tbl, p1; repeat to end
Row 2: As Row 1
Row 3: As Row 1
Row 4: T1R, T1L; repeat to end
Row 5: k1tbl, p2, k1tbl; repeat to end
Row 6: As Row 5
Row 7: As Row 5
Row 8: T1L, T1R; repeat to end


I've found lots of instructions on how to knit without a cn, but my mind is drawing a blank as to how I am supposed to incorporate the purl stitches. Any suggestions?

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