Knitting without a cable needle

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on Jan 30, 2012 4:52 PM

I'm currently making (my first pair of!!) toe-up socks, and the pattern calls for some small cables, and recommends to not bother with a cable needle. To be more specific, the instructions are as follows:


T1L - sl1 to cn, hold in front, p1, k1tbl from cn
T1R - sl1 to cn, hold in back, k1tbl, p1 from cn

Written Instructions
Row 1: p1, k2tbl, p1; repeat to end
Row 2: As Row 1
Row 3: As Row 1
Row 4: T1R, T1L; repeat to end
Row 5: k1tbl, p2, k1tbl; repeat to end
Row 6: As Row 5
Row 7: As Row 5
Row 8: T1L, T1R; repeat to end


I've found lots of instructions on how to knit without a cn, but my mind is drawing a blank as to how I am supposed to incorporate the purl stitches. Any suggestions?


P.S. The sock pattern is Little Minx.

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Merlich wrote
on Jan 30, 2012 11:09 PM


I went to the link and saw the following links about your question. Sorry, I think you should practice with another yarn you have left from another project. I know your mind is in blank but if you play the video over and over until you catch the idea you'll see it is very easy to purl the stitches. It is just purl where the pattern calls for. In case you need extra sources here there are three more tutorials:

As you could see the following tutorial is exactly the one you need:

Practice, practice, practice and THERE IT IS!!!!!!! YOU MANAGED TO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patience, persistence and love are the main ingredients for wonderful knittings.

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