Knitting has made a comeback!

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on Feb 9, 2012 2:02 PM

In today’s tough economic climate, people are now going back to traditional crafts,

not only as a hobby, but also in an effort to save money, yet still have quality goods

as an end product. This is why knitting is making such an incredible come back.

Many people who learned to knit when they were children, may not have picked up a

pattern and a pair of needles in over thirty years, but they are now turning back to the

skill they once learned, because of the range of yarns and colours available to them.

Today’s products offer qualities that make the mind spin. Bamboo, cashmere, silk

soya but to mention a few! And with patterns both English and Continental, easily

accessible in both the shops and online, it is no wonder that people are eager to get out

their old pins and get cracking!

There is also a great deal of people wanting to learn to knit, ranging from new

mothers and new grandparents, to school children. A great way to begin learning the

craft for children is using a French knitting Doll. It helps to teach them coordination

and they are able to produce their very first scarf (albeit Barbie sized!) before moving

on to more advanced projects.

Knitting has seen such a come back due to the number of celebrities who have taken

up knitting as a pastime, such as Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker and even

Audrey Hepburn was an avid knitter.

The modern knitting pattern now offers the latest trends, with patterns for leg warmers

and cowls and beautiful ponchos and knitwear regularly gracing the catwalks with

stunning designs from designers such as Mulberry and Nicole Farhi.

The Wool and Bead Studio cater for all levels of knitters and crocheters and are

proud to have taught many people how to knit and crochet and have watched their

progression grow, starting from simple scarves and blankets to intricate patterns for

coats, jumpers and baby garments. They have provided ongoing tuition and coaching

after the initial lesson and are dedicated to helping customers achieve their goals

using a one to one approach..

Another development from The Wool and Bead Studio is their Mums n’ Babies

knitting group, which has been running since last summer and is open to knitters of

all levels, who can come with their baby or toddler and socialise and knit or start from

scratch .

The once popular art form that allowed newly born babies to be delicately wrapped

in soft wool is making a tremendous come back. We at the Wool and Bead Studio are

proud to be keeping the art alive !

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