Heather Lodinsky Twist Sweater

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cmor1015 wrote
on May 10, 2012 5:43 AM

I'm lookiing for help with the Twist Sweater by Heather Lodinsky from April 2012 edition of Knit 'n style.  I'm working on the Left Front Band and have complete by 2x2 rib until the desired length. I'm confused on how to move in to the Shape Band. I think I need to bind on the 16 stitches at the end of the last row of the Left Front Band. But then I dont under stand how to P1, and work in pattern until the end.  Instructions are as follows:

Left Front Band: Beg at side edge, CO 32 sts. next row (RS): Beg 2x2 Rib; work even until piece meas (9)" from CO, end after WSR.

Shape Band

Next Row (RS): BO 16 sts, P1, work in patt to end; pm on this row for RS (16 sts rem). Cont in patt est, work even until piece meas 4" from BO row, end after a WSR.

Please help.


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salmonmac wrote
on May 10, 2012 12:15 PM

Don't bind off on the end of the last row (that's difficult to do and it will leave the working yarn in the wrong place),

You have 32sts on the needle now and you're going to start knitting on a RS row. Start the row by binding off 16sts, purl the next st and then work in pattern for the remaining 15sts. You'll have 16sts total (including the purl st) on the needle andthese sts continue in pattern, the 2x2 rib.  (Since this is the left front, you're now working on the equivalent of the buttonband, although this sweater doesn't appear to have any buttons). You'll get back to working on the 16 bound off sts later..

It's a very pretty sweater from the picture. I may need this pattern myself. Good luck finishing up!

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cmor1015 wrote
on May 14, 2012 8:10 AM

I just followed your steps and it looks just like the image on the pattern.  Thanks very much for your help!!

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