Berets and Tams

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jkperkins wrote
on Jun 30, 2012 5:32 PM

I am looking for a pattern for a beret or tam style hat for 7-14 year olds. It needs to be a fairly simple pattern as I am a beginning to beginning advanced knitter.  Any input would be appreciated.

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salmonmac wrote
on Jul 1, 2012 5:54 AM

Take a look at these from Ravelry (free to join):

or do an advanced search on the same site. Good luck with your search!

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marywoods wrote
on Jul 30, 2012 12:53 PM


If you are feeling adventurous and want to expand your skills as well as put your own touch on things, I recommend the following book from Interweave Press, The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns by Ann Budd.  In this book is the basic patterns for socks, gloves, mittens, hats, tams, and scarves.  Each section deals with different sizes, gauges and decrease methods.  She steps you through the construction from start to finish, using different weights of yarn and sizes from newborn to adult.  I have her entire library of handy pattern books and for me, they are an invaluable resource.  If you do get the book,  my favorite decrease for the tam that she has is the wheel decrease.  By decreasing evenly around the top you leave a line that looks like spokes in a wheel. 

If you want a fun easy one for a teen-age girl, use self striping sock yarn in a bright color.  I use Red Heart  Heart and Sole or  Stardust (metallic flecks in the yarn) or Knit Picks Felici or Stroll fingering wt and size 1 (2,5mm) needles.  These are washable wool blend yarns so the care for them is easy.  Just machine wash in cool water and lay flat to dry.  A trick to keeping them rounded, after you take them out of the washer, wrap them around a plastic dinner size plate and set them on the table to dry. 

One quick note, because these are basic patterns, as you become more confident in your knitting skills, you can add your own touch of a favorite cable or lace stitch to the pattern. 

I hope this helps and have fun knitting!

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