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yarnbazaar wrote
on Jul 5, 2012 1:13 AM


          I know a lot of businessmen who have started from scratch and have eventually expanded their territories until they have finally reached where they are right now – multimillionaire tycoons who continuously build their empires after their names. Most of them have not even graduated from college and earned a degree but have been determined enough to make their lives better.Coupled with their drive and passion, they just worked hard and persevered to make it to the top. Because of this, they have inspired a lot of people – particularly the less fortunate – to strive harder and aim higher in life.

          Today, a lot of budding entrepreneurs havebeen following the footsteps of these successful legends hoping that they would soon have a taste of victory in their respective companies. Incorporating various marketing strategies that have been deemed effective,some have chosen to capitalize on what they are really passionate about while some have tried their luck on marketing products and services that are believed to make an impact onthe society. Most men have specifically been selling cars, and other gadgets that rouse their interests. Women, on the other hand, have preferred investing their money on clothes and shoes although the products are not limited to such since times have changed and the business industry has become more competitive.

          Consequently, different product and service renovations have been introduced. Clothes, for instance, are no longer the way they used to be. A lot of female entrepreneurs now produce garments and accessories which use knitting as a medium; thus the clothes and accessories appear unique. However, some have begun to develop a fondness for this kind of craft capitalizing on their bare hands and skills.  Instead of using machines to mass produce the garments, they rely on tools such as knitting needle conversion charts and knitting needle sizes to make their work appear presentable. In the end, no matter how strategic the plans are, it still boils down to creating a competitive advantage over the other competitors. It certainly is true then that the business world is very complicated.

          To be able to survive, businessmen have to constantly conceptualize and create ideas that would stand out from the rest. Unless they do not want to be lucrative, they always have to make sure that they remain on the top every day because mediocrity has no room for the industry. Brilliance will always be the standard.



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