Needlefelted Wooly Lamb

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Jen6265 wrote
on Dec 3, 2008 6:15 AM

 I just finished a felted wooly lamb that I made from scrap wool from my ram that made it past the skirting table, but not into my yarn. For the base I used the stuff that came off the flick carder. The cover wool was britch wool that was too coarse for yarn. The locks came from his back which has very tight coils, that I could have carded, but as I was carding them I thought, man these would look cool on a little felted lamb! And they did! I can't figure out how to get photos up here, but his photo is on my etsy site:

Also, I have a great contact for needlefelting supplies, she doesn't have a web site that I know of, but if you email her with what you need, she is really helpful (and inexpensive).
Here is her contact info: Jen Setser,



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stellac119 wrote
on Jun 22, 2010 7:19 PM

Hi Jen,

I looked on your Etsy site and I appreciate your thorough information on your products.  Currently, I'm a knitter/crochet/painter and have recently been swimming in the world of needle felting.  I'm most interested in getting hands on experience with the cleaning/carding/dyeing processes.  I usually prefer to start from scratch. Besides finding satisfaction in manual labor, it is important in the creation process to see something the whole way through in its magical alchemical phases.  I've been browsing books and sites, but I am looking for places or people or words of wisdom as to where to go next, for a real tactile learning trade, apprenticeships, residencies, volunteer, workshops, etc.  I'm from New York, I've travelled the country a bit, worked with several organic herb/produce farms as well as with honeybees.  I feel the fiber calling and I thought perhaps you may have a bit of words for the inspired.  



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