herringbone rib socks help

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ChristineT wrote
on Dec 5, 2008 2:37 PM

I picked up the winter issue of Knits and am trying the Herringbone Rib Socks.  But I can't figure out the second round of the herringbone rib pattern.  I think I understand that I knit 2 stitches and then slip them back onto the left hand needle but I don't understand the next direction, "pass third stitch over two just worked."  Is this the unworked stitch to the left of the two stitches I just knitted?  And I pass it over what?  Those two stitches?  And drop it?  Does this mean that I'm essentially reknitting the same stitches for 3 times?  Doesn't this leave me with extra stitches on the needle?  I'm obviously missing something.

Thanks for any help.




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AndreaW wrote
on Dec 9, 2008 12:07 AM

 Hi Christine...

I've missed a few days here @ KD so didn't see your post till now. Just read the patt directions over about 20 times. I agree...they don't make sense. I just checked online...there are no corrections listed (yet!). Tomorrow when I'm more "w/ it" I'll try it w/ yarn + see if I can figure it out. I noticed the chart says the same thing under it as the written directions do???

You can't keep working the same 3 sts. You have to move forward . Going by the chart...you need this rnd to "slant" in the opposite direction to the 1st one.

My "guess" is that you are right about the next unworked st being #3 + you do "drop it" after you pass it over. I think maybe you then slide the 1st 2 sts  back to the right N as that would be the only way you could do a yo next. Going by rnd #1...you are working these sts in "bunches" of 3 @ a time so this works out. The passed over st is replaced by the yo...as in rnd #1.

Will try to get a chance tomorrow. If you try this 1st + it works...let me know will you so I don't try too. Xmas is getting too close for comfort!!! Pretty socks!!!

   Take Care,    Andrea

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AndreaW wrote
on Dec 9, 2008 6:57 PM


Hi again...

My guess was right!  I just finished casting on for a sock then knit the top ribbing + the first 4 rows of  "Herringbone Rib Pattern" to check it out.

So if you just slide those 2sts back onto the right N (after you pass the 3rd st over)...you can continue with "yo". Then rep as per patt.

Good luck...hope this makes sense...if not...come back + say so!!!

   Take Care,   Andrea

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Pegola wrote
on Dec 26, 2008 1:20 PM

 Thank you for clarifying that.  I searched all over to see if there was a correction for that pattern, as I was having the same problem (confusion).  Strangely enough, I found this thread by googling "herringbone socks, knitting).  I guessed the same way you did, and hope some easier to find errata will come up which includes the need to slip the two stitches back to the right hand needle - perhaps in the Interweave Knitting site with other corrections.  Thanks again.  Great looking socks, by the way.


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Betty wrote
on Jan 3, 2009 5:50 PM

Okay, I just began the Herringbone Socks pattern too... ripped out the pattern twice and then ckd the Interweave site for corrections.... none.  Found this thread, thank goodness!

I now understand the Row 2  (where I have not yet arrived!)  My question concerns the repeats. 

The text pattern has an asterisk at the beginning of the pattern row -- which to me means repeats begin here.  In this case that asterisk includes P1, K1, then the ( ).     However, the chart does not include the two stitches P1, K1,  as a part of the repeat. 

In other words, to me,  the text would have to have the asterisk at the beginning of

the  ( ) meaning repeat this section 3 xs... not at the beginning of the row...right??  Wrong?? 

Those who have made these socks...am I correct to only repeat the pattern within the ()?   

Last, perhaps others have completed these socks.  Considering the confusion on this pattern, is it worth it?  Did you find any additional "challenges?"    Maybe I should consider using my wonderful handpainted Alpaca Ped on another project?

  Thanks!  Happy Knitting!




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CarolL@6 wrote
on Jan 4, 2009 12:55 PM

 I'm so glad I found this - I was just ready to frog the sock and give up.  I did the first 2 rows as Andrea mentioned - but I couldn't tell yet if it was turning out right.  Now, the next question is how do you do a 12-stitch repeat pattern over the 30 stitch instep - what do you leave out??  The purls on each side? HELP.




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AndreaW wrote
on Jan 4, 2009 8:33 PM

 Hi all...

My apologies for not coming back here to this sooner. Both holidays + health kept intruding. I did feel "guilty" every time I saw a KD email come into my inbox re: these socks!!!

I did manage to finish one sock except for grafting...2 nites ago. I used some RH "Heart & Sole" I had but have never used before.  I'm holding off on the grafting as I may make an anklet fr this yarn first to test shrinkage + don't want to disrupt the color sequence till I'm 100% sure this is the length I need after shrinkage.

I took 2 pics intending to share w/ you all in case it helped someone. One top view + one side view on my foot. However, tonite when I tried to upload pics here (1st time) I can't make it work. When I click "Insert Media" the box opens...but no "upload or select a file..." link is available to me. Anyone have any suggestions???  I have uploaded pics to Kijiji before so have a basic idea of how-to. Also did print off the instructions here. But if there is no link...I'm stumped...no URL. If anyone wants to see them...email me through here + I'll certainly send them to you.

Here goes the written stuff in case it helps:

Betty...the asterisk @ the beg of the pattern row designates the beg of the 12 st patt rep. However, within that 12 st rep, you will rep the directions within the square brackets- 3 times - finishing off the 12 st rep w/ a "p1" on row #1  or a "k1, p1" on row 2. Try this...place M's on either side of 12 sts + try it out...it'll make sense then. If you really look @ the chart...it does inc the 2 sts; "p1, k1" @ the beg of row 1.

CarolL...You do have to finish a few rows in order to truly "see" if the patt sts look "right". The larger sz, which I made...has 6 - 12 st reps around. The smaller sz will have a total of 5 - 12 st reps around. The socks in the pattern pics are sz small. My lg have 3 reps on top + 3 reps on the bottom of the foot. In the patt pics...there are 2 reps centered on the top of the foot. So you actually don't have to leave anything out. That was one reason that I was hoping to post my pics. Maybe you'de be able to see that my socks have the 12 st rep right alongside the gusset decrease line. In the patt pics there  are actually a few plain knit sts alongside the gusset dec...mine has 1 st. I suspect that the set-up/ re-arranging of sts @ beg of heel will center the patt reps correctly...it did for the sz lg.

My personal "thoughts" on this pattern: I only started it to figure the st patt out to help. They would have been long finished + on my feet if I hadn't had so much Xmas knitting to produce!!!  They are pretty + unique. It's interesting the way the "Herringbone" section distorts the stripes...most noticeable on the foot part where you have both patt + st st. Several things I found you just had to "suspend thinking" + follow the pattern...it works once you do it. My biggest complaint was that I like to multi-task + this constant slipping of sts means you have to keep looking. I'm normally quite a fast knitter + these did slow me down. The st patt is a bit thicker than the st st. I have to admit to never doing gauge swatches for socks. I've done so many prs that I can (luckily) judge OK!!! I will say that since I'de never used this yarn or st patt...I got a bit lucky...they fit around...but just. The yarn actually calls for a sz lger N (2.75 mm). I'm guessing my yarn is a bit thinner than what's called for. I knit "snug" not tight + have a fairly wide foot...I stayed w/ the 2.5 mm N but went w/ the lg sz sock. If someone weren't sure I'de suggest a swatch to save wasted work.

I like the fit of the toe + heel. Didn't make too many changes. 1" less for leg...2 extra rows heel flap (my yarn/ thinner)...picked up, then decreased later 1 extra st along ea side of heel flap ( fr the extra 2 rows on heel flap). I will enjoy these socks + am not sorry I made them!!!  Probably won't make more because of having to "look" too much while working on them. They "stretched my boundries" + I like to try/ learn new things!!!

I'de better add...I always do gauge swatches for things like sweaters. Even if I've done it before in a different color...dye can change gauge....and sweater size!!!

  Take Care + hope something here helped someone?!?!.....Andrea

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Betty wrote
on Jan 5, 2009 4:42 PM

Andrea, you have helped ALOT!!  Thank You!!  Along with the pattern correction on Row 2 , this is beginning to make sense to me. 

On the sz; I did swatch on three needles: 1s, 1.5s and 2s.  I got per inch 8, 7.5, 7 respectively.  I usually use 7 sts:1inch on plain stockinette, but I didn't like the loose feel of the 2 needle at 7 sts:1in and decided to go with the 1.5 needle which is what the pattern called for.  I thought I read somewhere that these socks knit up "loose."  (?) Maybe I dreamed that.   Do you think they knit up loose? 

Anyway, do you know what your stitches per inch are?  I have a size 8.5, narrow foot. and enjoy a snug fit, but now I am wondering if I shouldn't make the larger size.  I'm using Alpaca Ped yarn (20% superfine alpaca, 65% Superwash Wool & 15%Nylon) and it is wonderful soft, 19 wpi and asks for 7 sts:1in.

Thanks Andrea for helping out so and making your explanation so easy to follow!


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AndreaW wrote
on Jan 5, 2009 6:57 PM

 Hi Betty...

So glad all the info helped. I appreciate the feedback!!! I wish all the yarn/ patt/ needle companies would get tog + help us by standardizing needle sizes once + for all !!!

I have made up my mind to stick to metric as it's more universal. Plus there are no gaps in the size ranges as there are in the US + sometimes Canadian & Btitish sz ranges. If you or anyone else is interested, this seems to be about the best "set of sizes" in chart form. It is their customer service page...but if you scroll down you will see the 3 charts KN + crochet hooks. I just "selected + printed" just those 3 charts. Less than 1/2 a page + they live next to my computer for easy "translations". They aren't perfect...we still have to deal w/ individual companies...like the N's I used for these socks...but the best I've seen so far.


You may be sorry asking for more info...but here goes!!! 

My yarn: RH Heart & Sole called for 2.75mm N's/ gauge: 36 sts x 48 rows = 4"

I used: 2.5mm (bet 1-2 US?) / gauge: 8.5 sts x 12 1/4 rnds = 1" (34sts x 49rnds = 4")

patt gauge: 14 sts x 22 rnds = 2"   or   7 sts x 11 rnds = 1"

My yarn has 213 yds/ 195 m/ 50g....the patt yarn: 175 yds/ 160 m/ 50g...mine obviously thinner = smaller gauge

I measured my gauge over the st st on the sole of the foot. The sock has been wiggled on + off my foot several times...but not in the last 24 hrs.

If it helps, my bare foot measurements are: 9.5" @ widest/ ball of foot....9.25" @ arch. Back to 9.5" @ high arch. My legs are fairly average/ thin so sz not an issue there. I like my socks snug but not tight for comfort + better wear...too tight wears out more quickly. For the same reason I would tend to knit a sock @ a snugger tension for better wear. However, that said I'm guessing that alpaca is a slightly different "animal" + probably needs to be a bit looser to be @ it's best. I haven't knit w/ it I admit...but what I do know says that it's not meant for hard wear on it's own. That's probably why the high wool/ nylon content. The alpaca would add the luxury touch. I still would probably keep them for good...not hiking socks...so I could love them longer!!! Again...I'm guessing, you will have to decide how the swatches "feel". I'll be interested to know how you like this yarn for both knitting + wearing.

I haven't seen that anyone said they knit up loose...but the paragraph just above "Finished Size" (1st column of patt) says that " the bold ribs add stretch for a more forgiving fit". I think if I had a slightly thicker yarn knit @ a slightly looser tension they would stretch more. They have some stretch as they are.

My socks laid flat measure 3.5" across @ the foot + 3.25 @ the leg...NOT STRETCHED

I wish someone could tell me how to post the pics so you could see my pr. Hopefully I've given you all the info you need...if not...post again + ask. Happy to help if I can. Let us know how you make out...OK?

   Take care,   Andrea

ps: came back to add one thing. My skein of yarn supposed to be 50g...probably 48g...has only about 6g left as it sits waiting to be grafted.

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Betty wrote
on Jan 7, 2009 2:43 PM

Thank you once more, Andrea!  Yes, I used all your information!  And, I printed out the chart on the needles.  The info is available in Knitters Companion, but not in this easy format.

I have decided to make the 60 st CO and 1.5 needles.  If they don't fit me, then I will have my first Christmas 2009 gift completed.  But first I have some homework projects to complete for our knitting retreat next week.  Herringbone socks will have to wait a little longer!  I really appreciate all your help!


 I am sorry I don't know how to add pics so I could help you.  But, I am technically challenged!

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Merri wrote
on Mar 11, 2009 3:57 PM


Merri here; new to this site.  I could not believe it when I read Chris' post.  It was the exact problem that I was having with that very pattern! Word for word! In fact, I ripped them out about 5 times now, and have made a few mistakes that really don't show, but after 2 weeks, I have about 4-inches knitted.

And so, I am now changing my mind about making socks with this particular pattern.  I am going to make them into fingerless mittens!  Hey, they fit on my hands (going to have to make a 2nd one), and look really nice!

Yes, like others, I like something that is challenging, but whew, what an ordeal.  When I did make a mistake or forgot what stitch or row I was on, I tried ripping out and going backwards. This was nearly impossible (for me), but I sometimes was able to accomplish it.

The reason that I love the pattern, is that I came across a pattern called "My So Called Scarf", and knitted it out of some hand-painted yarn that I had been 'saving' for just the right pattern. And it really was just that! Here is the link for anyone interested:


It is fairly simple, takes a bit of time, but is so beautiful!

Happy knitting to all, and stay creative!

Best,  Merri

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PaulaS@2 wrote
on Aug 24, 2009 3:12 PM

Hello, all! Paula here.  I just started this pattern using BEAUTIFUL Indie Dyer (Lilac) and I'm so glad to see everyone had the same question/trouble I did!  I, too, assumed you slipped the 2 stitches back onto the right needle after passing the next untouched stitch over the 2 knitted stitches, but I'm glad for confirmation before I tried it!   I was going to ask a question about the chart, but as I started to type it, I figured it out.  In my very limited chart-reading experience, row 1 is right to left, row 2 is left to right.  But I just realized: since this in knit in the round and you never have a WS (at least not 'till the heel flap, but you know what I mean) both rows must be from right to left on the chart!  Right?

Happy knitting.  I'd love to see photos of everyone's herringbones...have any of you posted it on ravelry?

I agree, this might be the prettiest pattern I have seen in a long time.  The descriptive part before the actual pattern states that this might become your "go to" pattern, and I can believe it!  

Thank you all for clarifying.  Can't wait to get back to it this evening!

Happy knitting, Paula (phsknitter on ravelry)




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on Apr 4, 2010 12:01 PM

Hello ladies -

All of the tips you've shared have been helpful, and I feel Like I understand the basic ribbing pattern.  I have no problem with Round 1 - I end up with 24 stiches at the end on each needle.  It's Round 2 that is scambling my brain - I keep ending up with only 22 stitches on my needles after I complete the series ... Has this happened to anyone else ?!  HELP !  I am going crazy trying to figure out how this is happening .... !  Surprise

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AndreaW wrote
on Apr 4, 2010 1:59 PM

Hi Elisa...

    It's been quite awhile + many prs of socks since....but I'll try to help you sort this out.  I found the patt / took out some scrap yarn + worked both rounds of the patt over 24 sts.  My best guess is that somehow you are skipping/ losing some yo's???  If I had to make a guess...I'de say that it might be the final one from each 12 sts rep....but it could be any one of them. If I'm missing sts on a needle I do the following. Go back to the beginning of that needle + visually go along the sts following the patt. This may help you @ least find out where the sts are missing. 

   I'm curious....did you do just one needle of round 2...or do the entire rnd?  If you did the entire rnd...are the 2 sts missing on all the needles?  Maybe putting a M between the 12 st reps on each needle might help...@ least till you get going?  That way you can see if the sts are missing equally fr both reps or all fr one rep.

   If this doesn't sort it out...please post back + I'll try harder!!!

                Take Care .... Andrea

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on Apr 4, 2010 5:30 PM

Andrea - You're amazing for writing me back so quickly. AND, you;re absolutely right ... i was missing yo's.  remarkably, I had habitualized this error and repeated it over all three needles in the several time I did and re-did it !

At least it was a sunny day here in the city as I sat and worked it out this afternoon.  Now my problem is learning how to undo things when I've made errors, which happens unless I am really concentrating on the work. i am a new knitter, so i at this as a learning experience.  I can't thank you enough for your speedy and expert response - !!!

Happy Spring !

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