Loose edges fix?

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ahcigar1 wrote
on Aug 24, 2012 3:59 PM

I don't even know if this has been discussed yet or not.  I'm new to this forum and VERY new to knitting (only started last night).  I'm having a bit of an issue though.  After finally figuring out how to do the very basics (have done LOADS of youtube viewing of pause, play, pause, play, rewind, play, pause, rewind, play.  I think I am beginning to understand it.  Although am not ready for anything past purl and knit stiches yet.  I am wondering though if I am doing something wrong or if their is a trick I am missing but my edges all seem to be rather loose and loopy.  I try to keep my ball yarn taught but it just doesn't seem to work.  Is their something that I am missing?  Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

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salmonmac wrote
on Aug 25, 2012 5:05 AM

The edge stitches can be a little sloppier especially at first. One thing that works is to slip the first stitch in the row. Just move the stitch from the left needle to the right needle without wrapping the yarn around the left needle (slip the sittch off the needle as if you were purling). Then knit to the end of the row including the last stitch. When you turn to work the next row, again slip the first stitch. This way, the edge stitches will have to stretch over 2 rows and it'll give you a neater edge.

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