Ball winder and swift

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wheelomatic wrote
on Jan 5, 2009 2:15 PM

Any testimonials on brands to buy? (are there different brands for the winders? All I see on line is the blue one.) Is the average price about $35 for the winder and $50 for the swift? Any preferences for the wood over the plastic swift?

All input is appreciated!

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AndreaW wrote
on Jan 23, 2009 6:55 PM


I was just @ and thought of your post. They have both items. I believe that the winder was $39.99 + the swift was $74.99. Neither is the one I have. I've had my swift since mid '80's. It's a combo of steel + orange plastic strips. No thing of beauty but it's adjustable/ clamps to the table/ collapses into a fairly flat thing that goes into it's own plastic case + most My winder holds the ball vertically. This one @ knitpicks looks as though it might hold a larger ball which would be nice. Mine will hold a 100g skein of ww wool...but not much more.

If you ( or anyone) are interested...there are directions to make your own swift on the internet. I've found 3 different ones so far...

    Take care....Andrea
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Anne wrote
on Feb 2, 2009 11:49 AM

Hello there. 

I bought the "blue one", made by Royal, about 15 years ago. I have used it very very heavily. It is a workhorse. Even though it is plastic, if it is not abused it will be a great tool for you. I am a handspinner, but I rewind storebought yarns, just because it is faster to knit with a nice stable-bottomed center-pull ball.  I highly reccommend the Royal.

Regards,  Anne in Florida

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