Re-use those big cookie gift tins while you make patterned mitts or hats!

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on Dec 10, 2012 7:04 AM

Don't throw out your big square cookie tins when you've finished with them. They make a perfect "project" storage spot. You can fit enough yarn balls or bits and pieces in the tin, as well as all the needles you need to make the project. Here's the brilliant part: photocopy the pattern you're going to use, and get one of those long thick magnets to secure it. You can cut or fold the pattern so it fits in the top of the tin, and then use the magnet as the marker to tell you which row you're knitting. When you're finished, close the lid!

It's also great if you're going in the car, or somewhere else for a visit. Everything you need is neatly stashed, and you can start knitting just by flipping the lid over and checking where you left off! An added benefit is it helps make yarn stash look a little smaller to the rest of your family too.

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