Email Address Given Out W/O Permission

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on Jan 27, 2009 11:09 AM

 Why  in the world is there an email link in my profile?  I DO NOT want to receive email from strangers, which then reveals my email address to them if I reply.  There are links to my group and my blog in my profile, and people can easilly visit the group and apply for membership and then post messages to me on the message boards there, or as replies to my blog posts.

This is a security issue, and a reason why I refuse to join Google groups, and almost never post on the Yahoo groups I belong to.  When people have our email addresses, they can get other personnlly identifying information if they try hard enough, so I only give out my email addresses to people I personally know, or have gotten to know through long time internet contact, and websites and businesses that I can enter them on using secure servers. 

Please REMOVE the email member option from member profiles.

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Crafty Matthew 

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ZassZ wrote
on Jan 27, 2009 7:04 PM

 Hi CraftyMatthew,

Right above the "Search" box, next to your name on top right side of page, click on EDIT, takes you to your OPTIONS tab,  Edit Your Profile, pick SITE OPTIONS tab, half way down page is EMAIL CONFIGURATIONS, pick button to de-select allow email.   

OR, you can do it from your Profile Page.  Once you are there, on the right side about half way down page, click on Edit Profile.  It takes you to same place once you click on SITE OPTIONS from there.  Hope this helps you. 

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