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ba51barron wrote
on Apr 29, 2013 9:31 AM

I'm new to this site.  I stumbled upon it while searching for help with my sweater pattern.  I thought I was an intermediate knitter, but I have a sweater patter I can't understand.  I appreciate any enlightenment anyone can offer. 

The pattern reads:  "Shape neck - keeping to pattern work 36 sts, sl center 23 sts onto a st holder, attach 2nd ball and work last 36 sts." (so far so good..I managed this part).  "Working separately but at same time, bind off 2 sts at each neck edge twice, then dec one st at same edges every other row once - 31 sts each side.  knit 6 rows in garterst. BO all sts

Do I start decreasing on the purl side?  I have 36 sts on each side, if I then BO 2 sts twice = 32 sts, then dec 1 = 31 sts.  So I only dec once?  When do I work with the 23 sts on the stitch holder?  The finishing states:  "with right side facing and smaller needles, pick up 91 sts along neck edge.  knit 6 rows in garter st. BO"  Is this where I pick up the 23 stitches?

I'm probably making this harder than it reall is....HELP!



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salmonmac wrote
on May 1, 2013 4:22 AM

Welcome to Knitting Daily!

Yes, bind offs for the left shoulder are on the purl side and yes, there's only one decrease for each shoulder.

Usually the finishing directions tell you to include the sts on the holder when you knit the collar but since these don't, just include them anyway as you pick up sts. You can knit them right off the holder if that's convenient.

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