What Happened on Clayton Street Currant Cardigan by Margie Mitchell abbreviation difficulties

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romayka wrote
on Jul 14, 2013 7:14 PM

The above pattern from this Spring Issue of Interweave Knits poses difficulties with the abbreviations, i.e., 2/2 LCI (I am guessing it is Left Crossed Increase - increase two stitches in left cross, so if I had 4 sts, that will give 6 sts), RLPI - I found it is Right Lifted Purl Increase. Then also what is Rope Cable mean, what does "no stitch" mean in the abbreviations.

I spent my whole weekend struggling with this pattern and I am about to give up if I won't get some help. Just got the right yarn that I spent over $100 on and don't want it to go to waste. Please help.



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AndreaW wrote
on Jul 15, 2013 8:51 PM

Hi.... I'll try to help you if I can.... it's frustrating having to wait I know!!!

I haven't done this pattern... but I do have the magazine + a lot of info applies to all patts, not just this one.

Rope Cable: It's a basic cable st patt.... 3 sts over 3 sts.  It's the cables next to the front ribbing (+ some other places too). The chart for it is on p59/ bottom left. The little tiny chart next to the "Left Wavy Cable" big chart.

No Stitch: means exactly that...there is no st there.... it's just sort of a place marker on the chart... ignore it..."no stitch there"!!!


I'm not sure if you're familiar w/ using charts for knitting?  I prefer them by far!!!   You will learn that you can actually see your knitting in the chart. Sure, I still refer back to the "how to" on the key for each symbol if they aren't regular ones I use a lot.... but that's what the key is there for. 

Don't let yourself get overwhelmed. Follow along the directions + do it one step @ a time. Place markers between the various panels as they tell you. Once you have an inch or 2 done, you'll be better able to see what cable patt comes next. It's just more confusing getting started.

You can check here on this site for an errata for this pattern, just in case there was an actual "hiccup" in the directions.

This is a very pretty sweater + I love cables!!!  For me... I'de want to add some body length though. Nice neckline too.

       Hope I answered all your ???'s.   Take Care.... Andrea

ps: I will add one thing... I hope you did a gauge swatch? It's really important for a sweater... especially a cabled one fr $100 yarn!!!

Now I'm wondering... have you done cables before? If you aren't really familiar w/ them... I'de suggest making a dish/ spa cloth fr cotton yarn using these cable charts to get comfy w/ them. Here's a quick "pattern" for one. Use worsted wt cotton + a needle sz that works. For me that would be a 5mm.

Cast on 42 sts. Work 4-6 rows (you choose) in garter st (gst). (knit every row).

Keep 3 sts each edge in gst for rem of cloth. A marker (M) may help.

WS: Work your 3 sts gst, place M, work 6 sts of (row 1) Rope Cable, place M, Work 24 sts (row 1) of Wavy Cable (either left or right one/ you pick),        place M, 6 sts of Rope Cable (row 1), place M, 3 sts gst. 

Continue to maintain edge sts + work the charts as given for desired length. End by working the same 4-6 rows garter st you began with. Cast off.

This will allow you to practice on a smaller piece w/o messing w/ your good yarn. Just a suggestion.


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on Aug 11, 2013 1:45 AM

Yep, I'm having trouble with the 2/2 LCI and RLPI

I seem to have too many stitches when I use the RLPI

I've cast on about 3 times now.Sad 














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salmonmac wrote
on Aug 13, 2013 4:37 AM

Here's a video for the lifted increases. The RLPI comes up at about 2min mark.


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on Aug 21, 2013 6:21 AM

Thanks for that!


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