Managing multiple colors/balls of yarn

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LornaS wrote
on Feb 12, 2009 6:23 AM

 WOW!! I am new to doing forums and there is a ton of great stuff out there! I'm am attempting color knitting and have already run into a 'snag'. How do I manage all of the balls without tangles and still stay sane. Right now I have 5 balls but will go up to 7 soon. HELP!!


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AndreaW wrote
on Feb 13, 2009 9:53 PM

 Hi Lorna...

When I joined here, that was my first experience w/ forums but it's been fun + a great learning experience. So nice to be able to be in contact w/ people fr all over the world who share a love of knit/ crochet/ etc.

You are definately working w/ a lot of colors @ once. Are they all needed in the same row? I don't think there is any one perfect solution. Things I've found that work are:

Don't "pull out" any more yarn than you really need fr any ball. The shorter the "strings" the easier it is to untangle.

If you only need a tiny bit of some may be able to just make a "butterfly" of that color so you don't have a long tail attached to a ball. 1 less color to tangle!!!

I have @ times put each color in a small plastic container on the floor @ my feet. Sometimes you can shuffle them around a bit w/ your feet as you work to reduce the tangle.

I knit continental style w/ the yarn in my left hand. I taught myself to also knit w/ yarn in my right hand. This way I can divide the yarns between hands w/ some balls sitting to my left + some to my right. I've also found other reasons to be glad to be able to knit both ways. When I make thrummed mitts I lock the thrum in by wrapping the main yarn behind it before completing the st. It works very well to place + hold the thrum w/ my left hand...then wrap the main yarn + complete the st w/ my right hand. I'll never be as fast w/ my right hand  (40 yrs of left !!!) but it's useful to be able to do both. Thrums CAN pull out...I would never trust one w/o main yarn also in place to stop the mitt raveling.

I've also put a less used color or 2 inside a garment if knitting in the round.

Develop a routine of which colors are "on top" of what other colors. If you doing frequent changes w/ only 1-2 sts in a may not need to actually twist the colors around each other. just keep their top to bottom sequence the same.

Finally...don't put off the untangling that does happen...for too long. Much less time involved if you stop frequently + just do it!!!

  Hope some of this may help a bit......Andrea

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