Is it just me, or are the patterns' size ranges narrowing again?

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RobinM wrote
on Sep 26, 2013 4:27 PM

As a knitter who wears plus sizes, I always know that summer issues of knitting magazines aren't going to have anything for me, unless I completely rework the pattern with short rows and other alterations. The sleeveless tanks and other cropped, summery knits have never included size ranges to fit a 52" bust. So I look forward to the fall and winter issues eagerly all through the long, hot months, eager to meet some new options when we reach a season where I'm included once again in the knitmosphere.

So I was pretty brutally disappointed to see that, out of the 18 garments in IK's fall issue that aren't accessory items (hats, scarves, gloves), a grand total of three of them were offered in a size range that includes mine -- that is, as long as I'm willing to wear them with a couple of inches less ease than they're designed for. And two of those -- the Filtered Pullover and the weirdly Michelin-Man-themed Corrugated Tunic -- are predicated on unflattering horizontal design elements. Is it just me, or are the size ranges getting narrower again?

What's up, Interweave Knits? I can't help but observe that this change seems to be concurrent with the change in editorship. Under Eunny Jang's editorship, the magazine saw a consistent and very welcome increase in the size range of knitters it welcomed into its pages. Why do you seem to be returning to the magazine's old, un-inclusive ways, Ms. Shroyer?

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