Little Hen Rescue

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Kniterella wrote
on Feb 24, 2009 9:08 AM

Sad  As a nation of animal lovers England is quite cruel to animals.  you hear of some sickos in the news about animals being beaten up or tortured.  A website has come to my attention.  Little Hen Rescue is a charity for hens you know regular chickens.  These poor girls have been creully treated in  as battery hens, so  the charity rescues them and gives them medication, vatinary care and knit them hen coats.  yep that's right, thes poor girls have no feathers so its up to us to knit them some er 'colourful coats.  Would you kindly give a few hours of your time to knit up a hen coat for these cute hens.  You can sponsor  some hens too who badly need medical attention, mine is called  Lily.  Some of the hens are re-homed in poples gardens.  Imagine that fresh eggs every morning.  YUM!!!  Thank you for your helpBig Smile

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