confused on sock heel

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rs3 wrote
on Mar 28, 2009 11:03 AM

 hi to all,

am enjoying knitting again after 20 years.  working on sock pattern from ann budd's book "getting started knitting socks".  on page 114 the heel instructions say to knit 11, turn work and purl 28.  i'm confused!!  do i purl back on the 11 knit stiches or do i purl stiches left to right (opposite).  i feel like i'm adding an extra row over the 11 initial knit stiches if i go right to left....

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AndreaW wrote
on Mar 31, 2009 6:25 PM


I don't have this book so I'll be very "blind" helping you but will try. It would help if I knew @ what point in the heel you were. It sounds like maybe you are just setting up the stitches so you can start the heel I right? 

 If so...the pattern is trying to get the heel "centered" over a certain spot in the leg pattern. That's why the turn after only 11 sts of the rnd. When you then purl back the 28 sts...those are probably the ones you will work the heel flap over. Yes, you will be purling back over the 11 sts you just knit....then purling over the next 17 as well to give you a total of 28 sts situated where the pattern wants the heel to be.

In general...if I run into something that doesn't quite make sense to me in a pattern...I suspend thinking for a minute + just follow the directions...exactly the way they are written. Often...once you do it...suddenly it makes sense. If not...oh tink back a few sts + re-think!!!

If my guess about where in the pattern you are is back + give me a few more details + I'll try to help.

    Take Care.... Andrea

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