Need help with a pattern from the Knits mag

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Soshine wrote
on Nov 20, 2014 1:14 PM

Hi Kathleen, 

Although this is not about the knit along project I am hoping that you can help me.

I started to knit the Cardiff Coat pattern by Jennifer Wood as it is absolutely gorgeous but I am having a lot of difficulties to understand the pattern. I can't even get going and had to undo the first few rows already.  So we start at the collar on a circular needle but don't join. The first row is fine and well explain but then it gets complicated.  Then it says " Work Rows 1-18 of Collar Chart - 42 sts rem. The problem is that the Collar chart has 31 sts only and we are supposed to have 42 sts left? so are the 5 seed stitch done at the beginning and end of every rows for the entire collar? Also the Collar chart has a 13 st repeat but how often do we repeat them? it doesn't say anywhere. The second row we have 96 stitches then have to do the pattern chart which has 31 stitches but we are supposed to have 42 stitches left after for the yoke which doesn't add up. can anyone help? Thank you so much!  

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