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on Apr 24, 2009 12:48 PM

 Everyone should join Ravelry.  I have a group there, and am co-moderator of another one, and belong to over 50 others now.  Ravelry never sends out Spam to your email, the endless advertizing trying to get you to spend hundreds of dollars weekly on magazines, books and patterns, you know?

There is tons of information available on Ravelry, and you can easilly interact with people and make friends there.  I thought that's what Knitting Daily was trying to do when they created this new website, but it still has not lived up to my expectations.  It has lots of potential, but Ravelry is far superior at this time. 

Also, I am really peeved when free patterns are offered only for a limited time.  If they can be offered for 30 days for free, they should remain free forever.  Don't you realize that people will save and share those patterns after the 30 days is up?  Please don't bother sharing patterns for free unless they are going to remain free forever.  On Ravelry the correct thing is done, and publications that include patterns for completed items that people are sharing pictures of are clearly identified, and if a pattern is available for free, links to it are posted.

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