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barbsadams wrote
on Jul 16, 2009 4:45 AM

I have just come to this site and had a look at the patterns, they are so beautiful, that I have downloaded some to knit right away! I just love patterns from around the world, as they are so different from the ones we buy here. At first I was looking for baby patterns as I have a new grandson, but seeing the others as well, I couldn't wait to some downloading!

From a well established English knitting freak,   Barbs Adams.

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moonlight wrote
on Jul 16, 2009 4:22 PM

Hi Barb - How are your patterns different than what we get here in America?  I bought a British pattern book last year on Tea Pot Cozies.  One pattern was a lamb knitted in a loop stitch.  I made it for one of your countrymen (countrywomen, to be correct)  It turned out SOOOOO CUTE!!  I think tea cozies have been used for centuries in England, but they are just beginning to become popular here.  I love coffee, but it doesn't love me!  So I drink tea all day every day.  I live in Casper, Wyoming, were we have basically two seasons:  Winter and Road Repair.  We have only about a month or so of really hot weather - high 90's F, which is about 35 C.  But our nights stay quite cool, usually less than 60 F, about 15 C.  Night before last it was about 5 C!!  So there are very few times when a cup of hot tea wouldn't be welcomed.  But I do drink a lot of iced tea as well.

Our cold weather gives me PLENTY of opportunity to knit and crochet hats, scarves, mitttens, afghans, anything for cold weather - as cold as 40 F below zero (my C thermometer doesn't go that low, but it's more than - 30 C) in the winter.  Interweave has some of the most beautiful patterns!  Is there a book distributer in England that carries Interweave books?  I have lots of them, and love every one.  I have a few to suggest, but just to let you know, I am in the midst of moving books and bookcases, and I still have lots of books in boxes, so these are the ones I could find.  "Homespun...Hanknit:  Caps, Socks, Mittens & Gloves."  This book has some basic, and some truly beautiful items in it.  There are some kids/babies patterns in here.  And you don't have to use homespun yarn if you don't have access to it.  "Lace and Eyelets."  This book contains patterns for the lace stitches themselves, not for the items like scarves and shawls.  It's great for designing your own, or even just substituting one lace stitch for another in an already created pattern.  Just make sure the guage, etc., is the same when switching one for the other!  If you want to make sweaters for you family, I suggest "the knitters handy Book of Sweater Patterns."

Barb - I've gotta run for a while, but I will get back to you with more info on Interweave books, if you'd like.  Let me know.  It might not be until tomorrow.  Take Care.  Cheryl Whaley



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