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JanieW@4 wrote
on Aug 15, 2009 8:50 AM

Thank you for the link to purchase the pattern.  I have the yarn but I just needed the pattern..

Thanks again, JJ

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sarahjean77 wrote
on Aug 15, 2009 9:04 AM

No problem, but I did forget to mention that it was also in Knitscene Fall 2006, not IK, if you have that hanging around somewhere.

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JanieW@4 wrote
on Aug 15, 2009 9:17 AM

I realized that it was in Knitscene after I had posted.

I have ordered my pattern and I am excited about knitting something that I have not done before.

Thanks again..JJSmile

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BobbiB@5 wrote
on Aug 15, 2009 9:57 AM

Hi Emily@87!  If you see this, could you share how you knit the sweater once you needed to start the armhole shaping?  I would love to make this all at once, also--love the sweaters with few or no seams!  I understand casting on for all three pieces at once (front, back, front), and will have no problems following the patterns up to the armhole point.  I would love to learn something new, which is another big reason I joined the KAL.  Thanks!


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JanieW@4 wrote
on Aug 15, 2009 10:21 AM

Hi BobbiB

I am like you.  I like to knit in the round without seams, but I have never done cables before.  I will have to look at the pattern first to see if it can be done in the round.  I have knitted one sweater without seams and it is wonderful.  If I remember right the armholes I put on a stitch holder, but then I knitted from the neck down. I just ordered my pattern so I am excited about making something new also..


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CherylM@15 wrote
on Aug 15, 2009 11:11 AM

Hello Kathleen,

I love this virtual knitting group.  Thanks so much for organizing it.  It was just the nudge I needed to finally knit this sweater.


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ilgirasole wrote
on Aug 15, 2009 11:54 AM

Thanks for the good advice, Emily, as to how to approach this project if I decide to knit in the round.  Just bought my yarn - Berroco Ultra Alpaca in a heather green.  It's really soft - can't wait to work with it!  - Jenn

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DebraC@18 wrote
on Aug 15, 2009 1:41 PM

I'm in.  I started this 1 year ago for my daughter.  I swatched and did a sleeve to make sure I had the cabling correct.  then I put it aside for another project and it has languished in my UFO pile ever since.  this KAL will get me going again. 


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knitwithjudy wrote
on Aug 15, 2009 2:19 PM
I can't believe my good fortune. This is my first KAL and I was determined to use yarn already in my stash. Imagine my surprise when I found 20 skeins of Tahki Donegal Tweed -- in a delightful dark blue denim with white and red flakes. I bought it several years ago and have been waiting to decide what to do with it. Talk about a match! I now know why I didn't use it before, and I was unbelievably happy to see it. Will start swatching right away so I can begin next week. It takes a hardcore knitter to pick up that scratchy wool in the middle of an August heat wave, but, hey, you know know what I'm talking about. Judy
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BarbaraB wrote
on Aug 15, 2009 2:56 PM

Finally got my swatch to the correct proportions and have begun knitting the back.  I've got up to the second cable so far and it's turning out so much better than I thought it would.  I've chosen a rich plum colour as my wool, ordered straight from the Bendigo Woollen Mills here in Australia.   I have so many projects on the go that I decided to use the couple of hours first thing in the morning (I am an early riser - 5 am) before the rest of the household wakes, to devote to knitting this sweater so here I am, relaxing with my early morning cuppa and my knitting.   What a way to start the day!!!

Barbara B.

from the Land Down Under

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CherylF@14 wrote
on Aug 15, 2009 3:03 PM

Hi Kathleen and fellow KAL'ers!  First post to the forums here---

I am excited to begin my CPH.  I have had it in my Ravelry queue for some time and now this is the perfect excuse to begin!

I have 8 skeins of Donegal Tweed in a teal color.  I plan to start swatching next week when I will be able to buy the pattern:)


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Jody wrote
on Aug 15, 2009 3:12 PM

I am so glad this pattern was chosen. I purchased it several months ago, but still haven't gotten around to making it. The only obstacle now is that I'm hoping I'll have enough Blue Sky Cotton in my stash so I can participate in this KAL! I'm in between jobs right now and can't afford to buy any yarn for the project. ;-(  I have a 36" bust and thought I'd have to make the 40" bust size, but that would have left me about 115 yards short. I thought about eliminating the hood and seeing if I'd have enough, but I LOVE the comfort of hoods so wasn't excited about this option (although I've seen the CPH knit hoodless and it does look great!). After measuring some of my favorite sweaters, I found they were all 36" or less (assuming I'm measuring correctly!) so I think I'm going to take a chance and make the 36" and hope for the best. I guess the worst that can happen is I rip it out and try again when I can afford more yarn. Just had to share the (hopefully) good news! ;-)


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DebraH@9 wrote
on Aug 15, 2009 5:24 PM

Hi!  This is my first KAL.  I had been looking at this pattern for quite some time, but had decided on another sweater for my next project (almost finished with my current one....I get twitchy also if I don't have another one ready to go).  I changed my mind and decided to knit along with the group.  I ordered yarn for the CPH last night and can't wait for it to arrive. 

I noticed Emily@87's comment about knitting this in the round.  I've knitted several that way, mostly based on Elizabeth Zimmerman's method, but wondered if you steeked the front or just knitted the back and both fronts at the same time.  I also had been considering this option and wondered which you did.

Looking forward to hearing about everyone's progress!  Debbie

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Barb.kiella wrote
on Aug 15, 2009 6:06 PM

Thursday I went to a new LYS (to me) and purchased Berrocco Blackstone Tweed in olive green. The recommended Tahki Tweed was too scratchy for my daughter who selected this sweater pattern last fall. By the time I caught up to my e-mail box and discovered the KAL choice I'd swatched and started the ribbing on the back. My freetime is about to shrink drastically in the next two weeks as I teach second graders and school starts Sept 8th. So I went ahead and continued up the back in the six hour car ride to move my daughter back to school to start her junior year of college.I've never done a KAL before and thought it would be a good tool to keep me motivated through this project's completion. Hopefully the CPH will actually get some wear this school year. Currently I am about midway through the sleeve opening. It's been a year or two since I've knit cables and I am enjoying this pattern and my yarn choice quite a lot.

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AnjanetteC wrote
on Aug 15, 2009 9:08 PM

For those that may not know, there is a group on the Ravelry site dedicated to the CPH:

It may help with questions or problems you may encounter.

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