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SharonM wrote
on Aug 27, 2009 8:24 PM

I know that the site is undergoing some changes.  However, I'm sure that when I signed up, I did a bio for the Members section.  When I went to edit it, I found no bio at all and had to write a new one.  What happened to all our old bio info?  Are there other members who have found their bio info has disappeared?  

I was also having difficulty posting messages - something to do with KD's script making Safari unresponsive.  I received a very nice reply from Customer Service, but nothing concrete to do about Safari, except report back if the problem continued.  And, since I'm posting this with no little boxes popping up, it seems the problem has been alleviated.  Thank you to the techies who keep this site working for all of us!  

BTW, I like the new 'start a conversation' button which the Service rep. explained to me.  I've met several e-pals because we had the option to e-mail directly about off-topic subjects.  I've never found that there was any risk to starting a friendship through a knitting site.  The initial e-mail comes from the KD site (or used to) and the recipient obviously has signed up for that access.  Whether to reply or ignore is up to her or him.  I've had only good experiences and made e-friends that I've had for years.  We even discuss the various sites and newsletters, so it's not like we ignore the sites and just talk about our non-knitting interests; we are still talking knitting and participating, to greater or lesser degrees, in the knitting community on the sites we belong to or have joined because an e-pal told us about it.  So kudos to the techs who came up with a way for some of us to connect off-site!  

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