Twilly Neckerchief

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on Sep 2, 2009 11:34 PM

Hi - So, I started this pattern, and am not sure whether my gauge is right as I didnt know what part of the pattern was 'brioche stitch'.  So now I think i do , but its too late... I think my gauge is too small in both the red and striped versions in the picture.

My next problem or challenge with the pattern is that what I have knit ended up a square, and the pattern rows go opposite of what Lisa's example shows in her finished sample photo.  I guess mine could go that way if i folded it in half and turned it upside down!!  I'd like some feedback from Lisa or whoever can give some on what I may be doing right or wrong. 

Here's a picture:



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cait wrote
on Sep 16, 2009 1:06 PM

You have gotten further than I have.  I'm still trying to figure out how to get the k1b to work with the brioche.  Good luck.  (Also, on, they said that it comes out as a "wonky square")




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Ivy Sue wrote
on Oct 3, 2009 12:01 PM

Cait -

Below is the reply i got from sending an email to the help desk on this site. 

I believe the k1b *is* the brioche stitch, although it is a shortcut type of thing, with none of the yo's, etc that you do on the traditional brioche.  I have seen a couple other patterns using k1b that call that the brioche stitch.  I did it this way and it looks like the pattern. 

I will say that I never got the gauge to work out, as the yarn specified is said to be a DK, and i used that , but have never been able to get it to knit up as big as the gauge says, even using size 11 needles, which are  a heck of a lot bigger than the ones recommended.  So i wonder if the yarn is actually a worsted gauge. 

What i did is faked it - I knit the bottom part a little bigger than in the photo, then bound off a few stitches in the middle to be the neckline and knitted the two remaining 'arms' to be like a scarf and wrap around my neck/shoulders.  I can wear this with the point in front like this pattern or in back like a shawl.  Get lots of compliments on it. :))



reply from interweave:

I took a look at your posting on the forum, your photo, and the pattern.  I saw a couple of things that might make a difference.
The brioche stitch is a very loose stitch.  You indicated that you didn't figure out how to do that stitch until you were further along in the project.  Doing the brioche stitch all the way through will make a big difference in how the scarf drapes. 
I think if you start over and work the brioche stitch where indicated in the pattern, your neckerchief will look more like the one in the photos. 
The second thing I noticed is you have the project on 2 straight needles.  Try working this scarf on the circular needle when you get toward the end.  This will allow the stitches to spread out a bit more. 
Finally, do a gauge swatch before you start over.  This will help you adjust needle size if necessary. 
Let me know if you're still having problems with this scarf.  Hope I've been able to help you out.
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saskdeb wrote
on Oct 24, 2010 6:36 PM

I just finished this, but am going to frog it. I did the brioche stitch correctly, and I knit it on a circular needle but there's no way it's a triangle - it's a square and even folded in half it's too small to wrap around my neck (and it's too bulky). Can someone please look at the pattern and make sure it's written correctly. I'd love to end up with the neckerchief if the photo, but not going to happen with this pattern. 

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Zoe wrote
on Oct 24, 2010 7:25 PM

Hi All Brioche Knitters,

The brioche stitch pattern is quite simple to follow but to get the understanding of the pattern sequence is another thing all together!  Firstly, the item made with the brioche stitch pattern must be knit back and forth and not knit in the round.  You can use circular needles but knit it back and forth and don't join the foundation row to make a circle.  It doesn't work.  I am someone who loves to knit in the round but had to do the back and forth thing for this.

In my efforts to understand this stitch pattern, I surfed the net last year and came up with this site.  It gives the written instructions followed by a video to demonstrate the brioche.  I read and re-read the instructions and the ones in EZ's book Knitting without Tears.  I realized that this was not going to work unless I got the foundation row knit as written.  I then followed word by word and row by row to get this.  And yes many frogs came out to sing before my project looked like it was supposed to look.  I made the hat as per this site.  I have never attempted to do brioche with two colors, and, maybe someday I will try it.  Once I got going, the hat took me one hour to knit up.  

One thing more that helped me out was to make that foundation row, and then sit there and knit right along with the video.  I had to pause it many times but I did get it done!

Don't let frustration get in the way of the happy knitting, I hope I was able to help out???  Zoe Smile

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