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Janes_Garden wrote
on Oct 18, 2009 5:26 AM

TWO LOOMS FOR SALE: 1) Beka 60" Weaving Width Cherry Wood Loom, 8 Harnesses, 10 Treadles. Approx. dimensions are 66" wide x 46" deep x 46" high. Includes texsolv tie-up cords, 1000 new flat steel heddles, one reed (sectional beam not included). Located in central NJ. hip.com, I am not associated with uship.com in anyway. Similar loom would be over $7000 new. My price is $5,000. Very Good condition.

2) Gilmore 8 harness, 10 treadle loom for weaving rugs and fabrics. Approx. Dimensions: 47" weaving width, 53" wide x 44" deep x 37" high. Includes reed, shuttle, heddles, sectional warp beam. One of the first looms made by Mr. Gilmore in the 1930's, works great. Very Good condition. New price for a Gilmore loom like this would be almost $3,000. My price is $2,000.

3) Cherry wood 26" spinning wheel handmade by Tom Siske in 1988. Tom is an excellent wood crafter and his spinning wheels are prized among spinners who own or are familiar with them. This wheel produces fine to worsted weight yarns, and does a great job at it. It is very smooth, and I have personally spun yarn almost as fine as thread on this wheel. After 20 years, it has a few small dings that are barely noticeable, but except for those, it is in great condition. It has one whorl that came with it and that's the only one I have used, but you could have another whorl made if you wanted. It includes seven bobbins. no lazy kate because it didn't come with one. You can make your own lazy kate, have one made to match the wheel, or keep the bobbins in a basket like I do. Comparable spinning wheel purchased new would cost about $1,700.00. 

See pictures of them in the looms and spinning sections of my website at http://mybigsale.angelfire.com

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