Art lace bag pattern correction?

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Debbieeagley wrote
on Nov 28, 2009 8:51 PM

I was wondering if anyone has worked on the art lace bag in the latest Interweave Knits?  I am partway through and have found that on line 21 they call for a yarn over at the beginning and end of the BO sections.  I can't see how you can have a YO at they end of the BO because you have the last BO stitch on the needle.  Should this yarn over be omitted?  Any thoughts on this.  It is turning out very nicely so far, but I feel stuck.  I don't know how this will through the stitch count off if I leave it out or if it won't be a problem.


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JanetW@25 wrote
on Jun 5, 2010 8:22 PM

I am hoping that you can help me, as I am already confused on row 1.

Do I yarn over before I join the round, as the first stitch is a YO, and it

doesn't seem that the pattern will work out otherwise.

Second, are the even rows worked left to right, as the odd rows are

worked right to left?  Thanks.  Also, if I get to row 21, is there an error?

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AndreaW wrote
on Jun 6, 2010 12:38 AM

Hi Janet...

I will try to help you if I can....although I haven't made the bag. Just looked over the patt now. Not sure if the other lady is still trying...but maybe she'll see this too.

Maybe if I explain that " Join in the round" is more of an expression to let you know that you will be working in the round fr now on.....not really a physical joining until you start to work the next round...make sense?  If it could take a safety pin + temporarily join into a rnd until you get going. Just make sure that the cast on isn't twisted before you put the pin in!!!  Pin fr under the last cast-on st under the first cast-on st.

So yes, you will be starting the first of that rnd (+ a lot more rnds) with a big deal...honest!!!

When you are working in the rnd ALL chart rows are read fr right to left....because you are always working fr right to left. You do not turn around + work back @ all.  If you were working a flat piece...then you would alternate directions when reading the chart.

I looked over rnd's different !!!   I also checked for errata...none on this site.  So if I were doing this bag...when I got to that rnd + did the 21 st BO, this is what I'de do:  When you're done w/ the the patt have the first of 7 knit sts...already worked on your right needle. I'de slide it back to the left needle, do my yo on the right needle, slide that already worked st back to the right needle. have a yo @ the end of your BO...before the 7 knit sts. I can't guarantee this...but 99% sure!!!  You will know the very next rnd. If not back here + I'll help.

     Let me know how it goes...... Andrea


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Delesea wrote
on Aug 16, 2010 4:19 PM

I wish there was a way to contact Teva Durham regarding this and other problems with this design.  I took this pattern to a seasoned knitter who owns her own yarn store and she recommended googleing corrections, but all I can find are people who need help!

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