If Pattern Wavy at beginning, how do you make it wavy at the end?

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justbegin wrote
on Dec 3, 2009 8:28 AM

Book "Lace and Eyelet"

Page 211, Flickering Flames

I used this pattern to make an afghan.   It is wavy at the begiining but at the end if you just stop and cast off, the edge is straight.  I want it to look like the beginng and dot know how to finish this up.

Pls. help me


Thank you, Millie

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AndreaW wrote
on Mar 24, 2010 12:39 PM

Hi Millie....

   I know you asked this awhile ago, so hopefully you found an answer/ solution.  I only just saw this, so in case you didn't...thought I'de share a few things about this problem. I don't have that particular book...but have had that problem w/ other st patts too. Several ways to deal w/ it.

   If you were making a scarf say, + liked the cast on edge...but not the cast off edge....you could work 2 separate strips + join them in the center, Voila...both ends have the cast on edge!!!   Of course you will have to sew or graft the center join in a way that looks/ feels good.

    If the reverse were true + you liked the cast off edge better...then start your 1st piece on a temporary cast on of waste yarn (WY). Then when you are ready to start the 2nd piece...you remove the WY picking up the live sts as you go. Knit in the opposite direction + you'll have 2 cast off edges. The only downside to this is that @ the center join...you will be a 1/2 st "jogged" to one side. This is not really noticeable in most st patts however.

   If a st patt (like yours or a ripple st/ etc) creates a waving edge on it's own...then sometimes using a different edge "strip" can affect that. A narrow beginning or ending of say 3-4 rows of garter st will allow the st patt to wave. If you make a deep border of garter st or ribbing....say 2"....that will fight w/ the main st patt + make it straighter @ the edge.

   This may not help you w/ the afghan you've already made...but may help in future when planning something else. At least you'll know "why". My tried + true solution when trying new things: get some "dishcloth cotton" + make a cloth w/ the st patt. See how you like doing it + how it looks. Even if you don't like them...someone will love a dishcloth/ spa cloth as a gift!!!  or save them up + join them into a little afghan/ pillow top.

              Take Care .... Andrea

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