old Norwegian cast-on

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LauraM wrote
on Jan 31, 2010 9:11 AM

How do I do Step 4?  I get 2 stitches at a time!  The video is clear up to that point, but then

looks like some kind of sleight-of-hand to complete the stitch.

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AndreaW wrote
on Jan 31, 2010 11:33 PM

Hi Laura...

   I actually used this cast on for a vest (for my husband) that is drying after blocking as we speak!!!

   Trying new things always interests me so I used it for that. Actually I didn't bother looking @ the video till right now. Thought I'de better see what you saw if I was going to try helping. To me, the diagram was easier.

   In the video I noticed she does an "interesting" little thumb twist that isn't really mentioned in the written directions. I didn't do exactly that but got the same result.  In the written directions you will see that Step 4 mentions to "(Figure 3), turning your thumb slightly to make room for the needle to pass through."  What I did was just to bend the tip of my thumb towards my palm. That kind of made the bottom of the thumb loop become the top of the loop + you will pass the needle tip thru that (point towards you). In other words...the thumb loop gets rotated away fr you so you can put the needle down thru it in the correct direction. Then you tighten up your ends/ loops.

   Hope this may help a little.  Once it "clicks" for you...you will be all set. It is a stretchier cast on than the regular knitted-on one. However I probably wouldn't use it again to start ribbing. I don't love the way all the sts are the same for the first row instead of knit or purl. I have my own cast on that I use. Very stretchy...but also very slow starting as the first row isn't worked....only the cast on.  I would however use the Old Norwegian one if I were doing something like garter st that was all knit or purl across the row. Just my personal preference!!!

    Good luck...hope this made sense..... Andrea

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