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ZassZ wrote
on Feb 16, 2010 5:26 PM

While I was sitting here waiting for a print job to finish (AT THE SAME TIME THINKING I CAN'T WAIT TO BE DONE WITH THIS SO I CAN  . . . ), I began reflecting on how much time I really NEED to do some type of needlework, artwork, reading, designing, painting, or planning out some detail of the previously mentioned, each and every day.  If I perceive that my day is slipping by and I possibly will not have the opportunity to do a little something, I somehow start to feel deprived.  I immediately begin sorting out in my mind, what tasks I am going to manipulate in order to re-fit in my daily time for creativity. 

It works every time.  It is very important for me to have some satisfaction at the end of my day for what I have done with my past 24 hours.  So if you ever feel like ''you can't get no satisfaction' try a taking few minutes and see if it does in fact work for you. 


 And all the women who were wise of heart spun with their hands, and they kept bringing as yarn the blue thread and the wool dyed reddish purple, the coccus scarlet material and the fine linen.   Ex. 35:25 

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