Summer 2010 Marigold Sweater

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DorseyMae wrote
on Jun 3, 2010 8:42 PM

I'm knitting the Marigold Sweater in the summer 2010 issue of Interweave Knits and need some help.  As I work the Lace Wrap Stitch pattern, I find I have too many stitches after completing the 4 rows one time.  Am I supposed to purl the yo stitch in row 4 or drop it?  My pattern is off now as I am working row 2 for the second time.

Thank you!


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AndreaW wrote
on Jun 4, 2010 2:24 AM


   I'll see if I can help you. I've cast on some sts w/ scrap yarn to try the st patt.

Starting w/ 30 sts (4sts x 7 + 2).   After row 2 I have 37 sts ( 1 st inc for each set of 4).

@ the end of row 3...I'm back to 30 sts. Are you back to your orig # of sts @ the end of your row 3?

The st patt actually says this happens on rows 2 + 3.  Yes, you do purl the yo's on row 4.

I'm guessing here...but suspect you are messsing up w/ row 3 + the psso maybe?  I'm going to go w/ that + try to explain that a bit better...OK?

(If you need more help tomorrow...tell me what sz  you are making so I'll know how many sts to tell you that you should have.) 

Starting row 3 you have extra sts....1 extra st for every set of 4 you started with. You knit the 1st st (an edge st),*  then drop the yo fr previous row.  Now you make a new yo, slip the next st + knit the next 3 sts. Now lift the slipped st over the 3 knitted sts + off the needle. (psso). Your set of 5 sts has gone back down to 4. You should have (on your right needle) 1 edge st and * 1 yo and the 3 knitted sts w/ sort of a bar in front of them fr the psso. You now repeat after the * all across the row until you come to the final edge st. Knit 1. You now should have the orig # of sts. Row 4 is just an "even" inc/ dec/ patt...just purl.

Hope this sorts it out. Let me know. If you need more info no problem!!!

     Take Care ..... Andrea

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DorseyMae wrote
on Jun 4, 2010 5:03 PM

Hi Andrea,

Thank you so much for all of your help!  I read your post this morning, and after I was ready for work, I sat down and look at my knitting again.  I found my mistake in row 3....  At lunch today I ripped out back to that row and am now ready to proceed. 

I really appreciate your help!!  Big Smile

With kind regards,



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