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on Jul 23, 2010 2:39 PM

Hi my name is Carla and I'm a beginner at knitting, im having difficulty with reading some of the patterns.  where Im from u dont really get classes so its basically a teach urself kinda thing.

I can comfortably knit basic blankets, hats and scarves. I would really like to try my hand at socks but i dont have the double point needles ive only got circular needles.

Is there anyway to help me, I really love knitting but my country is not knitter friendly all of my needles i have to import.

I also prefer to learn via video from youtube.


Thanks for listening.

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JoeR wrote
on Jul 23, 2010 3:51 PM

Hi, Carla - Yes, you can use circulars to knit socks.  There are two options: One is to do the "Magic Loop" and the other is to use 2 circulars, putting half of your stitches on each one.  The basics can be learned through youtube research and other internet sites.  Good luck and I hope you enjoy socks.  The one thing I recommend is you try a thicker yarn and larger needle for your first couple of pairs so you can see what is happening a little better as you get used to knitting socks.  Take care.


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on Oct 15, 2011 2:47 PM

You have two wonderful resources for this:


1. web videos - look up magic loop sock knitting on youtube! Also as well as many bloggers have some great tutorials if you just do a text search on google.

2. local library - i've checked out several books from my library (I'm in SF though, so that may be why we have so many books on knitting). I've checked out several books on sock knitting as I was saying from my library, however I'm still too chicken to give it a try. also has a sock knitting lesson you could take! That site has deals on taking the class now and then - $30 or $50. 


Good luck!


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on Oct 15, 2011 3:13 PM

In fact, I'd be willing to try right along with you so we can suffer through it together. Kind of like a knit-along, but just you and me. We can support each other through our difficulties. I will be using dpns though, I tried knitting a hat using the magic loop method and it was just too much trouble. 

By the way, amazon has a great deal on sets of dpns for cheap! I got a set of 1-7 for under $20! Since I'm around the same experience level as you I don't really mind using cheapy needles for now. If I become really proficient, I will begin collecting quality needles at some point.

Let me know!


Maybe we can even post on here back and forth how we're doing to inspire others interested in sock knitting to go ahead and get started. Oooh, I'm excited!!! 

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