Yarn you no longer love

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JulesG wrote
on May 26, 2008 2:49 AM


I was wondering what other knitters do with yarn they once fell in love with and now they don't like it anymore.

For example, I once bought some greenish coloured yarn, enough for a short sleeved sweater, and I've never used it. It's in a bag at the back of my stash and I just don't dare to throw it away.

What do you do with yarn that you no longer like? Keep it? Give it away? Try to find a pattern to use it with? Use it for some gift project? (Would you make a baby blanket out of a cotton yarn the colour of seaweeds?) 

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NancyG wrote
on May 26, 2008 3:22 AM

 When we were moving from NY to Florida, I found I had tons of yarn I decided not to take with me (only took what I really wanted). There was a convent nearby with retired nuns who had a small store where they sold items (mostly baby items) they knitted and crocheted. I donated a large bag of yarn to them along with some vintage knit/crochet baby pattern booklets. I was hugged and kissed and 'god blessed' profusely by the elderly nuns. I have now been blessed enough to last the rest of my lifetime - LOL.

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JulesG wrote
on May 26, 2008 5:27 AM

 That's a nice idea. I'd have to find out about convents in my area. I think there is a monastery somewhere around here, but I don't think monks knit.

We have a hospital regularly asking for premie clothes. And although I never have the time to make some I ask whether they could introduce me to their regular knitters who might be interested in my unloved stash.

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TygherKnits wrote
on May 26, 2008 6:14 AM

 The first thing I do is decide if it's the pattern/projects I don't love anymore, or if it's the yarn itself.  If it's just the project, I'll just look for something different. I've had a few yarns that I loved that the projects either turned out too problematic or were a little too daunting for me, but I've chosen different projects for both so I don't have to let that yarn I love just sit there.

Now, if it's the yarn that just doesn't thrill me anymore, I either give it to my mom, who knits afghans and blankets for Project Linus and other oirganizations, or I look for a church group in my area that might like it. Of course, if I put a lot of money into it I might try to sell it first.

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AnnieS wrote
on May 26, 2008 6:52 PM

My mom and I will knit it up into blankets, hats, etc and donate them to the local homeless shelter. We'll even do it with leftover scrap yarn and make up exciting multi-color things. I like to think of someone who really needs it is getting something handmade.


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GailH wrote
on May 26, 2008 8:34 PM

 Another thought is to look for an active senior Citizen's group in your area. They are probably easer to find than convents. Ours knits, quilts and crochets lap robes for the VA hospital in our area. Since I still work and have a good sized stash (complete with patterns) of my own, that's where my mothers stash went. It was joyfully received.

There is always someone or some group that can make wonderful use of our orphans 


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Tsvete wrote
on May 27, 2008 2:29 AM

 This hasn't happened to me, lol! Smile

Well, there was one yarn which was terrible to work with - awfully splitty, and I had to change needles several times to find the ones that were easiest to work with, but the finished piece turned out fine and the fabric was lovely... I was even almost tempted to buy more of that yarn, he-he.

Thinking about it, though, if I should ever stop loving any of the yarns in my stash, I'd probably think of making something for someone who'd like to wear or use it... Just make someone happy Smile


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JulesG wrote
on May 27, 2008 4:07 AM


Thinking about it, though, if I should ever stop loving any of the yarns in my stash, I'd probably think of making something for someone who'd like to wear or use it... Just make someone happy Smile

Well, I wonder who I can make happy with a scarf from 3 balls of fun fur yarn (Brazilia Fantasy Color). Now that I am typing this, I think I might make a fake fur stole for a halloween costume from it.

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FiberFriend wrote
on May 27, 2008 2:49 PM

 Life is too short to use yarn you don't like - even to give the item away.

I have a suggestion to add to those already posted:  My daughter's preschool was glad to have some of my overabundant stash - I inherited a great deal of "antique" acrylic and although some of it was 70's colors, some of it was lovely, but I'll never have time to use it all - especially when I want to try some of the yarns that were never available to my grandmother.   So some of her yarn is going to the preschool for craft projects.  I think she would have liked that.

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Tsvete wrote
on May 28, 2008 11:21 PM

 Hi, JulesG,

That Halloween idea sounds great :) Here's another idea - this sleepy kitty draft dodger is napping at Lionbrand. It's a free pattern available to members - I think it's terribly cute, although I wouldn't use those colours ;)

sleepy kitty draft dodger


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JulesG wrote
on May 29, 2008 3:08 AM

Hello Tsvete,

Thanks! I'm a member at Lionbrand, so I'll go looking for it.

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Sue Howard wrote
on May 29, 2008 5:27 AM


I have yet to find yarn I did not want any more.  I do have a bag of odd skeins or balls and I plan on making an afghan (some day) that will use up all my odd yarn. I would find something to make with it. I just hate to part with any yarn.


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Jody wrote
on May 29, 2008 7:42 AM

 I agree. I haven't been able to bear parting with any of my yarn yet and the yarn I know I will never want to wear I use to make dishcloths, afghans or rugs (depending on the type of yarn), or I use it when teaching friends to knit. However, I'm going to be moving in a few weeks and have to admit that I was a bit surprised by the amount of yarn I recently found in my closet that had been stashed there over the years!




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KristyL@2 wrote
on May 30, 2008 3:58 PM

I either give it away to people who would like to knit with it, give it to charity, or hang onto it a little while longer.  My tastes tend to cycle back around again.

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on May 31, 2008 10:14 AM

 I have never met a yarn that I couldn't find a use for.  Even my little left overs are used for scrap lap-ghans that are donated to the local nursing homes.  Shawls are always appreciated at the nursing homes too.    Scarvesfromtheheart.com will take donations of either scarves or yarn to be made into scarves to cheer up cancer patients.  I bet there are lots of local charities or groups that would love to receive your previously loved yarn in any form you want to give it.  Don't underestimate your ability to make it beautiful!



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