Knitting Daily Newsletter feels more like thinly veiled marketing

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Lyssatism wrote
on Aug 30, 2010 1:54 PM

In the past, I've really enjoyed receiving helpful daily newsletters that contain tips on knitting techniques, color matching, ways to choose the correct fit in a knitted item, and sneak peeks at upcoming Interweave publications.

But in the last couple of months, the content has been shifting toward a greater percentage of Interweave marketing, and a far lower percentage of helpful knitting content.  And so I just unsubscribed from the daily newsletter - I do not need to be reminded 5+ times a week that Interweave is out there, making new publications.  If you're just going to market to me, then once a week or once a month is more than sufficient to get me the information I might want about your new products.

Furthermore, one of Interweave's new and favorite business models is the pay per download model, where the user pays to buy a copy of a digital file, such as an individual pattern, or a book.  Once the pattern is written, though, there is no cost to reproduce the pattern - unlike a paper pattern, where printing costs must be taken into account when setting a price.  In this emerging market, the price of digital downloads been set to an absurdly high standard (average $4-$6US, the cost of a paper knitting magazine with lots of patterns, as well as techniques and articles).  Apparently users must pay a "convenience tax," or an "unlimited copy" tax (even though of course you're not supposed to make any copies, you only paid for one).

I will check in on Interweave's site when winter's chill starts to set in, to see if they have a preview of the Winter Interweave Knits magazine - but I bid your daily marketing messages farewell.

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