Channel Island Cast On

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MaryC@43 wrote
on Sep 17, 2010 8:02 AM

    I am trying to restart a shawl that calls for an "Invisible Cast On". There are instructions and I was able to do this once but I lost my presence of mind and it was unintelligible to me last night.  My plan is to try the Knitters Companion instructions for this cast on later, today. 

     In the meantime I saw the instructions for the Channel Island Cast On and found it very easy to see with just the animation. Do you think this would suffice as an Invisible Cast on? My initial attempt was quite tight and the 2 strands on the bottom as place holder may be an improvement.

Thanks for any thoughts!


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Zoe wrote
on Sep 17, 2010 9:54 AM

Hi All English method knitters,

You may find the thumb method of the Channel Cast On easier for you to follow using this video from youtube.  Just a thought, and its all good knitting, Zoe Smile


My initial attempt was quite tight and the 2 strands on the bottom as place holder may be an improvement.


Hi Mary,  Here is a thought for you which sometimes helps me out.  When doing a cast on which seems to be tight, I use one size larger needles for the cast on and knit my first row with the size I would use for the rest of the garment/item.  The long tail cast on is very loose for any item you need a loose cast on for, or try the backwards loop.  They are both invisible.  Good luck with this.

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MaryC@43 wrote
on Sep 20, 2010 9:41 AM

Thank you for your suggestions.

The shawl I am making starts with what they call an "invisible cast on" from the center of the back. Once you finish and bind off the first half, you pick up the stitches held by this invisible cast on and knit the other half. It is meant to be more of a stitch holder than invisible. 

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Anne Merrow wrote
on Sep 20, 2010 4:38 PM

Dear Mary,

I don't think any of the cast-ons in Sockupied are specifically designed for the kind of use you're describing; the Channel Island CO is beautiful and decorative, but not inobtrusive in the way you might be looking for. I've heard that the Knitted Cast-on (in the KD glossary here: can be picked up almost invisibly in the other direction.

Good luck!

-Anne Merrow

Editor, Sockupied

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AndreaW wrote
on Sep 21, 2010 1:43 AM

Hi Mary...

Here is a link for a provisional cast on right here on Knitting Daily:


The one I use myself however is done using a crochet hook + a length of smooth waste yarn. Crochet a basic chain a few sts longer than the # of sts you need to pick up. Perhaps 4-6 extras. Break yarn + pull tail loosely thru the last st.

Starting 2-3 sts fr one end of the chain.....pick up the "back bumps" of the chain for the required # of sts. You can knit them as you go along or as I prefer...pick them all up (+ count them) using a small circ needle as holder. Then knit across all the picked up loops using your main yarn + needle.

When you have completed the first half of your can come back + pick up the sts for the second half. Gently "unzip" the waste yarn chain...picking the sts up onto a needle as you go.

I use this temporary cast on for lots of things. It works well making mitts too. Instead of casting on sts after the thumb hole...I chain a short piece w/ WY + pick up sts fr that to continue the rest of the mitt. When I come back to do the thumb....I unzip the chain + work the thumb using the live sts. Less of a ridge that way.

   Good Luck w/ your shawl..... Andrea

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