Hexagonal Petal Tee pattern

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Linda@6 wrote
on Mar 4, 2011 5:51 AM


I was very intrigued by the Hexagonal Petal Tee by Maria Leigh that Kathleen featured in the Knitting Daily post for 2/21/11.  The post says it's a sweater workshop giving instruction on how to do the  hexagonal modular knit but I can't find any connection on the knitting Daily website to get the pattern for this sweater.  Can someone help me find it?

Thanks, Linda

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Zoe wrote
on Mar 4, 2011 7:44 AM

Hi Linda,

Chuckles, if you read the post again, the place to find this is written in the first paragraph of the article.  It is in the spring 2011 issue of Interweave Knits.  Sometimes we knitters are in such a hurry to get to the pattern we forget to note where it is available!  lol  Good thing we can post here to get others to help us!!  You will likely find this issue out on the magazine racks at your LYS??  I didnt see it a few weeks ago but that was likely before it was out.

http://www.knittingdaily.com/blogs/daily/archive/2011/02/21/sweater-workshop-the-hexapetal.aspx  It is a pretty sweater and looks simple to knit up.

What color are you interested in doing it in??

Happy knitting, Zoe Smile

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