2 baby sleeves on 1 circular

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Gma Linda wrote
on Jun 20, 2008 1:35 PM

2 baby sleeves on 1 circ June 2008 2 baby sleeves on 1 circthis little plastic zippered bag (sturdy/yet collapsible) w/hole in top and handle is one of the best accessories i've purchased at CrazyGirlYarnShoppe in Coralville,IA~~~i use both that i purchased for large wound skeins when i need 2 strands together, and now, w/partial balls in one bag, it works beautifully for feeding 2 strands of yarn for 2 baby sweater sleeves on 1 circular to allow me to get both sleeves the same length~~~it has been embarrassing to see pics of my finished projects to find 1 sleeve shorter than the other~ Embarrassed ~~~i hope this helps someone else make sleeves more easily! (my fav knit place?  my back deck by pond!)

ps: also, to insert pic in post, just copy pic from your source(Flickr,etc) and paste (i was trying to figure out the URL thing which didn't work!) ~~~you can adjust the size once it appears here!

Coffee  G’ma Linda

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on Jun 22, 2008 11:48 AM


What a wonderful idea!  I make my baby sleeves on 1 circular too and it is so much easier to get 2 identical sleeves.  I really like the zippered bag idea ...now I just have to see if I can find one somewhere...it is a really wonderful idea and looks like it would be great to use for making 2 socks at the same time on circulars and keep the yarn balls from getting tangled up.  Thank you Linda!

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ZassZ wrote
on Jun 26, 2008 10:17 AM

 BettyC , You probably have some already.  I noticed the zippered bags that come with pillow cases, curtains or sheet sets make great bags for yarn as mentioned above.  They even have nice thick handles as Linda mentioned she uses and they are free with these or items you may have purchased.  I even use them for project I am working on because when I leave something sitting out there is a possibility something can get spilled on or dropped and in someway soiled.  Then if I go out I can just pick up the bag and take my knitting with me - everything is all inside.  The $$  save can be spent on more yarn of course.  And then there is the element of recycling satisfaction.  I

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