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paulaamoore wrote
on Jul 8, 2011 6:16 AM

i love ths pattern and am just finishing up a blanket for a friend.  I'm goin to dive into this one!

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Deborah111 wrote
on Jul 8, 2011 6:35 AM

I'm really tempted!  I already have the Linsey yarn in Vineyard, I love these colours - although I have already knit a hank and a half in a (poor) attempt to make a plain tank top. This is way prettier.  I've talked myself into it!  Here I go... undoing it all now for Bella !

D. Geeked


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MargaretM@54 wrote
on Jul 8, 2011 6:39 AM

Kathleen Cubley:

The Bella Blouse by Norah Gaughan
The winner for the mid-summer knit-along is the Bella Blouse by Norah Gaughan! Visit the Knitting Daily Store to get your pattern download.

The Bella is so beautiful and unique—I can't wait to get started.

First off, we have a yarn issue. The yarns that the Bella was designed for are discontinued, so I did a search and found a few alternates, listed below. Both of the original yarns are worsted weight, knitted at 5 stitches per inch, so their are tons of options. My suggestions are summery yarns, with a little shine in the contrasting edging options.

KnitPicks Comfy Worsted
Berroco Linsey
Cascade Cotton Rich
Cascade Pima Silk
Cascade Sierra

Berroco Glint (for a little bling!)
Cascade Pearls
KnitPicks Shine Worsted

Here's the schedule (very generous since we're all extra busy during the summer and early fall):

July 8-July 17: Choose yarn and swatch.
July 18-August 15: Knit bottom band and blouse back.
August 16-September 13: Knit blouse back and neck inserts.
September 14-September 28: Knit sleeves and complete finishing. (And post photos along the way!)

Now off we go!

Very much looking forward to it.  Have never before done a knit-along, but this pattern is so great!

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on Jul 8, 2011 6:48 AM

I am so pleased that the pattern I picked was chosen as the KAL.  I've downloaded the pattern - and now for the yarn!!  Thanks, Kathleen, for the suggestions.

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dpjfroenicke wrote
on Jul 8, 2011 6:51 AM

I have downloaded my pattern.  Will look for yarn.  Am anxious to join.  Have never done this before but am looking forward to it.  Probably will have to order the yarn on line.


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Lynne5600 wrote
on Jul 8, 2011 6:51 AM

This got my vote too and I just ordered the pattern. I'm an advanced beginner and I hope the detailing isn't too hard. This is also my first knit-along. The time schedule looks good. Now on to yarn selection...

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on Jul 8, 2011 7:00 AM

I too have a few projects going, but loved the blouse.  First time doing a knit along with you guys, but I'm game.  Looks like a fun knit

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john1840 wrote
on Jul 8, 2011 7:05 AM


All the patterns were lovely!  Now the big decision is what yarn and what color.  Don't you just hate that when a yarn is discontinued? If you are heading to Egypt this fall, this pattern might be a faster knit.  Thanks for the fun challenge!


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on Jul 8, 2011 7:12 AM

I'm really looking forward to this knit-along!

However, the cheapskate that I am made me go back to the original magazine (I have many years of Interweave Knits stashed away!), and I couldn't find it in the Summer 2007 issue, as was cited on the ordering page.  Did I overlook it, or was it published in a different issue?  I looked in the surrounding issues, with no luck.

Any help would be appreciated.  I realize the download is only $5.50, but every dollar is precious in these times.  Thanks!

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on Jul 8, 2011 7:16 AM

Hello Kathy!

I wish to follow you in this knitt along, I live in Argentina, in the far south: Rio Gallegos city.

Please as we do not have the material you mention, could you especify what kind of thread you use and how much kilos for each?

Here we buy material by weight.

Maybe I can make a mix between cotton/ acrilic thread  and silk, if I find it. Thank you very much. Silvia

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LauraB@69 wrote
on Jul 8, 2011 7:17 AM

ok - Bella hooked me...  I love the pattern and needed new inspiration to knit again..  I'm infamous for starting and never finishing projects so decided to attempt to join a "knit along"... 

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fiberartisan wrote
on Jul 8, 2011 7:21 AM

YAY! I voted for this one so am very excited. I think Norah Gaughan is my second-favorite designer (Louisa Harding being the first!). I've just finished a cashmere/silk short-sleeve cardi and am anxious to start this project. I do have a couple skeins of Linsey so i think I'll do up a test swatch and see how I like knitting it - after the cashmere/silk blend I'm afraid anything is going to feel a bit rougher. My LYS might have the Cascade yarns ...

I'm so glad the weekend is almost here so I can get started!

Mary McRae - Bethlehem NH USA

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catnaptyme1 wrote
on Jul 8, 2011 7:21 AM

I'm so glad this pattern won.  As long as I can find yarn in a timely manner, I am in!

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SandraC@2 wrote
on Jul 8, 2011 7:25 AM

Neither can I!  I emailed Knitting Daily last week about this but haven't heard back yet.  When/if I do I will pass the info along.

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klandreneau wrote
on Jul 8, 2011 7:26 AM

Kathleen Cubley:
August 16-September 13: Knit blouse back and neck inserts.

Hi Kathleen!

I was so surprised to see my MSC on the KD newsletter!  Sweet!  All the sweaters looked great!

In the above schedule, did you mean "knit blouse front and neck inserts"?  Just want to clarify....Smile

This is a beautiful blouse!  Hope I can make it!



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