Lace knitting

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sottwell wrote
on Jul 20, 2011 6:54 AM

Well, I was a bit disappointed in the final choice for the latest knit-along (the Bella Blouse), as I don't care for this pattern, but I'm taking the opportunity to "knit along" as it were with a pattern called "Rich Fronds" that I've had hanging around for years, having gotten it free with purchases of yarn as well as included with ebooks on lace knitting. I'm using some 100% bamboo yarn, so it will make a nice cool summer top to wear in the hot Negev desert summer.

My introduction to lace knitting came several years ago with the purchase of "Knitting Lace" by Susanna E. Lewis, based on a sampler from the Brooklyn Museum. The book has both charts and written patterns for each of the 91 patterns in the sampler, as well as some ideas and full pattern for projects using the sampler's patterns. It's very hard to find and quite expensive even used; I was very fortunate to find it new at for 43 pounds. The price is more than triple now from what it was when I bought it, and they don't have it in stock themselves any more.

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